Muhammad Ali, the greatest who ever lived

Muhammad Ali, the greatest who ever lived!


I was shocked and I still can’t believe it! Ali is no more! But the moment I heard this news, I knew it was not correct. The champ will LIVE forever, in the hearts of the millions and billions that he has inspired over the years. 

So much has been written, read and said about the most hypnotic legend of all times….. THE ONE THE ONLY – MUHAMMAD ALI, born January 17, 1942.

I have been just one among the billions of admirers of this GREATEST ICON for as long as I can remember.

Yes, I have his books, his Documented videos & it was my lifelong dream to meet him someday at least once in my lifetime. 

Muhammad Ali, what makes him so special- – –

  • Is it the fact that he always did what he said he would.
  • Is it the fact that he called the rounds, his way.
  • Is it because he truly was the BEST
  • or was it because he is forever the PEOPLE’s CHAMP.

He is all that and more. He kept saying,  “I am the Greatest’’ and his very famous words “its not bragging , if you can back it up’’ always keep coming back when you hear any of his critic’s words…..

He was a man who dreamed, who predicted and accomplished every thing he set his focus on.

He is a man who is all about pure passion.

Without a doubt, his lifelong dedication to some amazingly unbelievable causes and his greatness, will forever keep inspiring the world.

ALI, I will miss you but your words and actions will echo through centuries. 

You were, are and will always be the GREATEST of all time CHAMP. Be at PEACE!

To the greatest of all time, ALI!

“Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee, rumble young man rumble” ~ Muhammad Ali


Ananth V


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