Digital marketing social media strategy for publication and Lifestyle

Digital marketing social media strategy for publication (books) and Lifestyle (retail) industries

This is part 2 of the three part Series. This was the first post >>> 3 Industry specific Strategies to focus using Digital Marketing and Social media

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In this second series post, we will be looking at – (few strategies for the following two industries)

  • Books and Publication 
  • Retail and Lifestyle brands 

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Though the campaign strategies from our end would change, adapt and improvise based on the specific goals that each client brand partners bring to us, the general focus is always on measurable ROI with clear and specific social media goals within a reasonable timeline.

Few Power packed and resourceful Strategies for:

Books and Publication industry:

Book readers will tell you, that they have lived a thousand lives with each book that they have read and it is true!

So when it comes to books (any genre: Fiction, non-fiction, humor, drama, fantasy, biographies, education or management etc), the first and foremost advisable requirement is for at least one person from the digital team promoting that book to have read it. Trust me, it makes a lot of difference.

1. Demographics:

You can check with the Author or the Book publishing house about the location, demographics in terms of age groups, gender specific details etc that you might need to focus on.

2. Best aspect about that Book:

There might be a character which might be very beloved, for eg. Scout & Atticus Finch from To kill a mockingbird , Jane Austen’s Emma, Tom Ripley from The Talented Mr Ripley, Sherlock Holmes, (one of my personal favs) Jay Gatsby etc and the list can go on. The first focus is to identify that character and share some wonderful snippets about that person or even a particular place from time to time. This helps interested readers familiarize themselves with that name and their nature. It helps create a connect. 

For eg. in my teens fiction book Kings are made, not just born Paperback and Ebook there were two unique aspects. One was the characters which were mysterious and the other was discovering a new place within that jungle. We used to share snippets like the ones below while promoting the books online.


Ananth V Teens Fiction Book kings are made not just born
Teens Fiction Book kings are made not just born
Ananth V Teens Fiction Book kings are made not just born
Teens Fiction Book kings are made not just born

Not only did they help me with the sale of these books, but they also helped me have some refreshing conversations with curious readers. 

But what if, it is an education or a biography book?

Well, then you could focus on how the experiences from that book would add an exciting twist or value in the lives of the readers.

Every education or academic book or a biography book is usually summed up from one individual or a group’s know-how, knowledge and decades of experiences. So it’s important for readers to understand how that can truly add value for them. 

On similar lines, my Book on social media ROI and Digital marketing is a small yet powerful guide written  precisely with bullets and points about ROI and on the “How-to” behind designing a social media campaign with core focus on proven tests, actual case studies research etc. 

At the same time, my coffee-table poetry book “Expressions” that got covered by the Times Of India team in Mumbai is more about ‘life experiences and emotions’ depicted not only using words, but also as artworks in the form of symbolism and whenever I promote this book, I ensure to speak about these aspects too.

Because, when it comes to non-fiction books and publication, it’s purely based on value-add for the end readers.

Using Video clip in a story format from the author or using sites like Pinterest, facebook, twitter and a blog goes a long way in helping you with the branding and selling of books across publication industries. 

There is so much one can do to promote a publication online: Interested in a customized digital marketing social media campaign for your Book: Reach my Digital agency Click here NOW

Retail and Lifestyle brands:

This yet another industry where we have done some exquisite ROI based social media digital marketing campaigns over the past six years. 

For this post, let us focus on Retail and Lifestyle brand – Clothing for Men, Women and Kids:

Clothing is not just about fashion or comfort, it’s mainly about how that product “Makes You feel about yourself”.

So your digital marketing or social media should not only focus on the look or colors or style, but also about the core aspect of, “How this particular piece of clothing would make You FEEL”. For eg. Power Dressing, Comfort dressing, your messages or videos or pictures should depict that particular user experience in one way or another. Adding deals, offers and discounts with loyalty points etc that can be easily redeemed is a great way to boost your sales when it comes to lifestyle brands. Also, give users an opportunity to engage with your brand with interesting fashion tips, travel tips, etc. Native advertising is a great way to introduce your product in between a post. For eg. Sharing posts about Business or management Tips or Corporate Presentation in a boardroom from time to time would be a great way to introduce an advert about Power Dressing with a link to that brand or site!

Integrating few forms of traditional advertising with new age media tools is also a great way to ensure that you are not only able to reach a large group of prospective customers, but also that you as a BRAND, are empowering an integration of online and offline customers to come under one single platform to communicate with you in real-time.

Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram with Blogs go a long way for social media marketing for industries like books, publication and lifestyle and retail brands if put to use the right way. 

But at the end of the day, always remember, social media is not about hits or likes or follows. It was, is and will always be about PEOPLE. People buy from People they Trust, Humanize Your Brand.

For industries like retail, lifestyle, books, publication etc, always ensure to improvise based on the social media metrics and analytics too. It helps you add precise focus to your digital campaign across targeted users.

Do share your feedback and queries on this post. Would love to hear from you.

Have an amazing weekend ahead.

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Ananth V


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