5 things Digital Marketing can do for your Business, customers and revenue

5 things Digital Marketing can do for your Business, customers and revenue

Digital marketing when used effectively today can do wonders for your brand, organization or business. 

It’s a powerful process which also enables you as a marketer or even a stakeholder to understand the real-time metrics it brings forth in terms of views, content consumption, engagement, brand mentions, actual enquiries, real-time sales etc.

Here are 5 things digital marketing can do for your business success:

1  Provide valuable metrics and data about your brand and customers in real-time:

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  • Real-time: 

When was the last time you looked at a road side hoarding and went, ‘Yes, I need to buy this house, or I need to enroll for this management event or I have to visit this restaurant and see how the food, ambiance and service really are?’ The chances are, not recently!

We are living in the heart of “digital age” today.

We are surrounded by devices like smartphones, ipad and other tablets, Laptops etc all the time. Now with the advent of devices like 3G, 4G internet / broadband services, power banks for your smartphones and long lasting laptop batteries, we are online even when we are travelling long distances without the stress of losing power on these devices. 

Another massive advantage is that, with scores of case studies now available on digital marketing social media ROI across industries and countries from Digital agencies and brands, it is now possible to actually see in real-time what type of data can be tracked online as in, in Real-time. Demographics with location, interests, preferences etc can be easily tracked using power packed social media analytics tools and process and that coupled with facebook ads, gamification, twitter ads with analytics, google adwords and analytics etc too.

Everything can be tracked in real-time today and that’s one of the most amazing things brands need to focus on.

The right data that can help brands not only increase their customer base, but also do a predictive analysis on their reactions or responses to new offers, deals, products and services in the long run.

2 Pay for actual “VALUE” which is accountable and measurable more than ever before:

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  • Costing and efforts: Maximized with results: 

“You pay peanuts, you get monkeys” That quote holds true more so now than it ever did before. Why?

With the advent of the new age media tools, there are scores of brands, agencies, marketers who are trying to get things done for either free or for the “cheapest prices” available. 

Digital marketing is no doubt way more affordable and yes, of course, much cheaper when it comes to it’s counterparts. But, nothing of value ever comes for free all the time. So setting up a budget that is justified for your digital marketing efforts in comparison for the value you place for your brand, can be a great step forward.

It will not only allow you to do justice to your brand’s digital marketing efforts but also help you understand the process and guides to follow for getting results much better.

Interested in designing a customized Digital marketing or ROI based social media campaign for your business, feel free to reach us – Digital marketing agency in India – Techdivine Creative Services.

3 LISTEN and Understand what the brand feel really is among users / prospects / customers about your organization today

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  •  Feedback, Brand monitoring and Mentions:

When a customer or a prospect or a brand ambassador writes to you or about you or your brand, the worst thing you can do in the digital world today is get cocky and not respond.

Digital marketing has paved the way for brands and organizations today to be able to track what the world out there is saying about your brand and gives you an amazing opportunity to revert for the feedback received.

If you exist as a brand today, then someone out there is already talking about you. Ensure to be a part of that conversation prism.

On Similar lines: For your Brand ambassadors online:

Always integrate INSTANT GRATIFICATION for your brand ambassadors online. If someone today has taken their time out to share a positive feedback about you or your organization, the least you can do to keep that going is acknowledge for the same and even add a GRATIFICATION for that brand ambassador.

 Using social media tools to track brand mentions is a great way to stay ahead of the game at all times. 

4 Generating actual revenue and not just views, visits etc – Being a support system for your real SALES & Business:

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  • Combining Tools and Process for ROI based specific GOALS:

Using a combination of tools and process for eg. email marketing with blog post and user registrations or facebook posts with google adwords or blog posts with twitter support redirecting users for actual purchases or direct customer support for specific goals like, 25% increase in actual sales in the first quarter, 40% increase in brand mentions online about the new product launch among the targeted group of users, 35% increase in event registrations, attendance and real-time event check-ins etc.

There are plenty of sites, process and tools available today. So ensure to focus on your GOALS followed by your Target audience more than anything else and less on which site or tools should I use….

5 What you see is what you get:

pablo (8)

Today, with the power of digital, value can be easily measured against what you as an organization is planning to achieve. Ensure to use it wisely. Always remember, a Successful social media or digital marketing campaign always combines the following three into one –

  • Specific goals over a realistic timeline for a cost that is justified, to both the agency or the team running the digital campaign or your budget for in-house teams doing the same.
  • Customer focus: Feedback and brand gratification for those who have expressed concerns and or have shared positive feedback about your brand.
  • Measure metrics that make matter for your brand and or organization. With information overload, it is very easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of data available out there today.


Over the years, as a digital marketing professional and as a digital agency, we have been able to help over 37+ Brands across 5 countries and 19 industries and trust us when we tell you:

With the right approach, budget, timeline, not only actual ROI for your brand but also top customer feedback with positive brand mentions in the long run is possible using digital marketing and social media.

Do share your feedback and queries on this post. Would love to hear from you.

Have an amazing weekend ahead.

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Ananth V

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