Can You Clean? Asking the right question: Hiring Digital Marketing skills

Can You Clean? Asking the right question: Hiring Digital Marketing skills

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I heard this story from one of my friends recently and I thought of sharing it with all of you.

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One day, a hotel manager needed a new employee for their hotel. Now this new employee’s job was to clean the two elevators of this beautiful 30 floor hotel.

So the manager thought to himself, how difficult could this job be and so he asked one of the helpers in the hotel to hire someone for this job and made it clear that he should not be bothered or even be introduced for this person’s interview questions.

The helper obliged (and since the helper felt it was not his job to hire someone for the hotel), he met the first guy and asked him, “Can you clean and have you cleaned before?” and the answer was “Yes!”. And of course, he was immediately hired.

Soon the new employee had joined in and on his first day the manager asked him to report back to him when the task of cleaning the elevators was completed.

It had been four days and when this new employee failed to appear the manager assumed that just like many other employees, this newbie too had simply not liked the job and left.

However, on the fifth day, the manager saw this new employee scrubbing and dusting one of the two elevators vigorously.

The manager queried, “You surely have not been here cleaning these elevators for the past four to five days? Now, have you?”.

“Yes sir, I honestly can say that I have been doing just that” said the newbie and he continued, “This is a really massive job and I’ve not finished the task of day one yet.” He paused and continued, “Sir, do you realize that there are over 30 of these elevators and that too, two on each floor, and sometimes when I go to a particular floor by taking the stairs, these elevators, they are not even there!”

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Many a times, this is what happens when organization’s try to hire digital agencies or digital marketing professionals or a social media manager based on “COST” and assuming the “Negligible impact of this medium on their brand.”

They assume the task is simply to copy paste content and share it online on social networking platforms so why bother spending time, money and resource for a task as trivial as this. And in that hurry and assumption, they hire those who do it either for free or for “cheap and affordable prices” without giving a second thought to the fact that they are leaving a multi-million dollar brand at the hands of an amateur.

AT this stage, do note, there is no point in blaming the newbies who take the job since they are simply saying yes to what they can do and to a great extent, one can’t blame even those in charge of hiring the said professionals due to lack of understanding and information about the intensity, expectations and responsibility behind such valuable roles in the long run.

Age does not guarantee know-how and experience and neither does youth guarantee innovation.

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So before you hire someone in a hurry for digital marketing and social media, focus on the know-how the said professional has about: (Of course, it depends on the position, seniority and responsibility you hire that person for too)

  • The in-depth insights of social media metrics and analytics.
  • The quality and relevance of content generated.
  • The focus towards achieving results that are not merely vanity metrics but actual ROI for the organization.
  • Understanding of marketing, branding, a little bit about finance & technology and metrics that matter for the growth of the organization in the long run.
  • Do they understand the intricacies involved in multiple (not all of it may be) social networking platforms
  • Have they worked on ROI based digital marketing campaigns or their understanding and faith in digital generating revenue for the business. Because, let’s face it, eventually, all of us need to be able to sell to sustain!

and most important of all and I cannot stress on this enough:

Always remember and understand the importance of handing over your BRAND to someone and that too online.

So ask the right questions and give value to the role of a digital marketing social media professional today and it will reflect on your brand’s overall social presence, both to your stakeholders and to your customers.

Companies and businesses are born dime a dozen, but organization’s are seldom made.

Do share your views on this, would love to hear from you.

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Ananth V


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