Why timing, demographics, medium matter in digital marketing and branding

Why timing, demographics, medium matter in digital marketing and branding

Timing, Demographics & Medium

timing demographics medium Digital marketing

Does it make a difference if you post your link or images on facebook at dawn or a tweet in the evening or a snapchat, Instagram or YouTube link during noon?

Well, of course they do.

Not only is the relevance of the content posted to the interest of the targeted audience important, but also the brand’s connect with that content and the site or medium through which the message is marketed speaks multitudes about the marketing and branding activity behind a campaign.

I remembered this true story I had read a long time ago.

A man sat at a metro station in Washington DC and started to play the violin; it was a cold January morning.

He played for about 40-50 minutes. It was rush hour and thousands of people passed through the station at that time on their way to work. During the entire time that the musician had played, less than 10 people (among the thousands who passed by) stopped and stayed to listen to the musician play for some time.

Around 20 people tossed or gave him money but kept walking and did not stop. At the end, this musician had collected $32 and it’s important to note that when he did finish, no one noticed or applauded.

Why is this important?

It is because, no one knew but the musician was world renowned violinist Joshua Bell who had played one of the most complex music notes ever written and he played this on a violin worth $3.5 million.

Original Source of this story: A Violinist in the Metro

So, yes, people do need to know who’s doing what and where as a brand, for the message to have relevance and to ensure it reaches the right audience at the right time.

Offlate many marketers online have asked me, “We have been promoting our products online for a long time now and we honestly can say that our product has amazing USP or certain “XYZ” features and that too at a competitive pricing. Then why are we not able to reach our target audiences online? Isn’t everyone on facebook? Aren’t all of them on snapchat and twitter? Aren’t people watching youtube videos all the time?

Well, the first thing I do before I share my views on ‘what can be done?’, when I am posed with such queries is that, I take a look at the social media posts, timelines, duration, type of content and the sites across which they have been promoting. More often than not, I have suggested in the form of branding and digital marketing consultation for them to tweak all three components:

Type of content (eg. Combination of variety of media, eg. images, rich quick or short video clips, valuable blog post content with a quick call to action etc) and when I meet these same marketers after a few weeks or some time, I get a wonderful response for most of them, because it seems, it worked!

So the obvious question these digital marketers then ask me is, “Is it important to know what time do we post on social sites or what type of messages or wordings are required for offers and tweaked for offers according to the site it has been posted in, etc?” and the answer of course is yes.

Though when reaching out across industries and countries it’s necessary to post according to different time zones etc, there are times and days when responses have been much well received when posted by brands on social networking sites using digital media marketing tools and process.

So when you plan a digital marketing social media strategy, always ensure:

– To post when Your prospects and customers are online
– Post messages using a tone and language that will appeal to your end readers, but, yes, don’t try too hard. Be Yourself, maintain your brand’s identity at all costs.
Do not try to overdo or cross a line, it’s a social media, be valuable and not obtrusive.
– Just because everyone seems to be on a particular site, does not mean that would be the right platform for generating results or ROI for your brand. Understand where your end users and customers usually feel comfortable interacting and share across those platforms.
– Most important of all, do not be on every social networking site. Be only on sites that would really make a difference to your campaign efforts. It’s important to keep in mind aspects that would add value while using digital marketing and social media for corporate Brands ROI.

Do you have queries on Start-ups, Entrepreneurship, Branding activities using Digital marketing and social media?Are you planning a customized social media marketing campaign for your brand? 

Are you working towards a custom designed Corporate Training on Digital marketing and social media courses and workshops for your team members?

Well then, Feel free to reach me for queries on Digital Marketing, Branding and Social Media, would be glad to connect. Click Here!

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Ananth V


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4 thoughts on “Why timing, demographics, medium matter in digital marketing and branding

  1. So, before start interacting to target audience, it’s necessary to do pilot study for each social media site for identifying where are the large pool of target audience relevant to brand?

    1. Excellent question Dhruv. Well, most of the times, brands do have the data either through their years of interactions with customers (by which they are usually aware of the core demographics) and in case of new brands or start-ups where the data is not available, brands can focus on Digital marketing by working on their GOALS, then through a deadline focusing on platforms to share messages, posts, relevant content and measure feedback on what is working through social media analytics and slowly put more focus on ideas, process and strategies that work better and towards best results. There is no point in simply posting content if there is no feedback or engagement from users online because then it would mean that, the particular brand in discussion is doing it just for the social media frenzy and is not yet ready as an organization to do the same.
      Focused social media digital campaigns have generated excellent ROI for both, brands and it’s end users, so why miss out on such a power packed opportunity.
      Hope this helps.
      Be Well

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