7 ways to keep your home happy and healthy this monsoon


7 ways to keep your home happy and healthy this monsoon

“Love begins at home, and it is not how much we do… but how much love we put in that action ~ Mother Teresa”

Well, in all honesty, it’s always essential to keep your home happy and healthy, but I thought of sharing this post specially during monsoon as the dampness, health safety due to mud, damp litter and the overall conditions require us to take better and special care of our homes during this time.

I love the rains, yes, I really do. But with that beautiful climate, gorgeous gloomy skies that still glimmer with hope comes health issues, growing viral infections and higher chances of kids and adults increasingly falling sick.

monsoon ananthv

This coupled with the terrible water logging all around the city and our buildings, we need to put special caution and care to make our homes more beautiful and safe each day.

So here are 7 ways to keep your home happy and healthy this monsoon

  1. Water, water everywhere, but not a safe drop to spare:

    Water is the most crucial part of our lives. Other than the fact that over 70% of our body is made up of water, we need this element through the day for every single aspect of our lives. Especially drinking water. Make sure your homes have the best water purifier and my advice is to ensure that even that water is boiled and only then used for cooking and drinking purposes. Water borne diseases are some of the deadliest killing machines. So ensure top safety and precautions while drinking water during monsoon.

  1. Soaked and cleaned:

Most of us love running around in the rains, be it kids and or adults. Well, whether you got drenched in the rains knowingly or otherwise, make sure to come back home and have a nice hot water bath that will suit your body and at the same time kill any bacteria or acidic elements from the rain water. Always wash your hands and legs thoroughly before you have anything to eat, especially if you have just come home from outside.

  1. Welcome but not with unclean footwear:

It becomes increasingly difficult to enter our homes with clean footwear. Any place we go is damp, has water logging and is highly soiled with dirt, mud and germs. So make sure to place a clean, dry welcome mat outside your door where anyone and everyone entering your home can sweep their feet, even place their footwear outside your door and then enter your home. Make sure to have clean and dry doormats regularly outside and inside your house.

keep your home happy and healthy

  1. Water logging:

    Major virus, bacteria and germs spread through places which has water logging. Deadly diseases like dengue, malaria etc spread rampantly due to these conditions. Make sure your surroundings are clean and in case there is water logging take immediate precautions to inform the authorities who can take care of the same. Do not neglect and take this lightly.

  1. Food:

    Watch what you eat, especially if you are eating from the streets. It is best to avoid eating out to the extent possible and even if you do, make sure the surrounding areas where this food is cooked is clean for eg at a well maintained restaurant or hotel and not from the street vendors.

  2. Keep them Dry:

    It is very difficult to keep clothes, curtains etc dry all the time. Make sure your windows are working and are fully functional so as to be able to protect your indoors during heavy rains. At the same time, ensure your clothing and even home decor items are dry at all times. Dampness is the easiest way to invite germs and bacteria during these heavy showers.

  1. Electrical wiring’s:

    Last but definitely not the least, make sure all electrical fittings and wiring’s in your home is completely safe and has no loose ends. Short-circuits, electrical shocks are a common accident during heavy monsoons.

Finally, watch out when you are at home for your loved ones. Cold, cough, fever in case they persist for a long time, immediately go to specialists and take exceptional care of your health.

Be careful when you travel and watch out for those falling tree branches and dangerous potholes on the roads too.

Always remember, while at home, a safe home is always a happy home.



Have a wonderful life ahead.

Ananth V


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