Learn Digital marketing social media course online workshop by Ananth V

Learn Digital marketing social media course online workshop by Ananth V

  • COURSE 1: (Level: Beginner to Intermediate) 12 HOURS  
  • COURSE 2: (Intermediate to Advanced) 18 HOURS
  • Course 1 + Course 2 COMBO Early Bird Special Offer Available – Check below for details  – 30 Hours (call us at the contact number given below to Avail this Special offer)

Participants can opt for any of the above options as per their requirements.

There is a very SPECIAL DISCOUNT CODE that you can use on or before 7th August 2016:

Discount Code name:AUG 15 OFFER and avail

  • 15% DISCOUNT on Course 1 and

  • 15% Discount on Course 2

“Do note:The above special INDEPENDENCE Day Discount Offer is for limited seats and for limited time Only”

Details about this course:

  • Hands-on Live online training workshop with actual industry Case Study examples of Digital marketing and social media
  • Medium: Video Live online (Using Google Hangouts or a similar video web medium)
Corporate Training Digital Marketing Learning Social media Ananth V
Corporate Training Digital Marketing Learning Social media Ananth V

Now is the best time to Learn Digital marketing and social media.

Who Should Do this Course:

  • Corporate Marketing, branding and sales professionals
  • Business owners, Start-up Founder & CEO, CMO, CTO who want to empower their business using Digital marketing
  • Business and Leadership coach
  • Authors and Publishers – Self-Published, Research Analysts and Specialists
  • Corporate Trainers specialized in their field
  • Content Marketing Specialists
  • Digital Agency owners
  • Education Institutes and Academic Institutes who want to empower their students with a great value-add
  • Corporate Organizations for their Top Performing Employees
  • Digital and Social media professionals who want to upgrade their skills

Course details:

COURSE 1 is for 12 Hours and Course 2 is for 18 Hours – Participants can choose both or just one of the courses as per their requirements.

  • Online Course duration: 12 Hours for Course 1 and 18 hours for Course 2
  • Days: Saturday and Sunday
  • Timing: 3 pm – 6 pm
  • Dates: COURSE 1: 20th August, 21st August, 27th August and 28th August 2016 for COURSE 1 (Beginners to Intermediate)
  • Dates: COURSE 2: 3rd September, 4th September, 10th September, 11th September, 17th September & 18th September 2016 for COURSE 2 (Intermediate to Advanced)

(In case you miss a session, you can request a quick live video recap from the trainer as mentioned at the end of this post)


  • COURSE 1: 12 hours — Rs.15,500/- + Taxes per student
  • COURSE 2: 18 hours — Rs.22,500/- + Taxes per student
  • COMBO Early Bird Offer (Course 1 + Course 2) — Rs.27,500/- + Taxes per student (only for participants registering directly with us as per details shared below on or before 9th August 2016)

AVAIL of Our Combo Early Bird Offer as shared below


Register for this Early Bird combo Course on or before 9th August 2016 directly with us (not via this site) but contact us directly either via Email us: socialmedia@techdivine.com with OFFER CODE: DGMANV or Call us: Vishal: +91-08097914439 and Avail the SPECIAL prices given below For Both Courses together.

  • COMBO Early Bird Offer (Course 1 + Course 2): Rs.27,500/- + Taxes per student

    (Only for participant’s registering on or before 9th August 2016 for both the courses directly with us as mentioned above)




(Beginners to Intermediate)

– What is social media and Digital marketing

– Brand monitoring

– Customers and Social media today!

– Brand perception – How it differs online

– Social media tools (few Automation tools that can help you)

– Social networking platforms (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Slideshare and Instagram)

– How to use Twitter as a BRAND page

– How to use Facebook as a Brand page

– Introduction to using YouTube, Pinterest, Slideshare and Instagram

  • How to create Facebook Ad
  • How to create an ad using Google Adwords
  • The Facebook ads and Google adwords mentioned above will be few insights into Facebook ads and Google adwords with of course the session which will show you how to create a particular type of these ads. In this session you will learn ‘how-to create one type of AD using Google adwords and Facebook Ads’ (There are various features and details of doing the same. Detailed course of this will be covered by Mr.Ananth in his Advanced workshops – Intermediate to Advanced Level workshops -COURSE 2 batch as shared below.)

– Digital Marketing and Social media concepts and strategies. This is core, since this talks about more than just using tools.

– Branding – It’s importance today in the Digital World

  • Case Study Example of Using Social media and Digital marketing for achieving ROI (Return on Investment)
  • Live Hands-On training with the trainer online (Don’t miss this session under any circumstances, it’s about practical hands-on with LIVE queries that you can exchange during the course)


(Intermediate to Advanced)

  • Blogging and how to start your own blog
  • Content marketing and SEO
  • Blogging concepts, strategies and steps
  • Making a Blog post LIVE with Video and or social media embeds in it
  • Promoting your Blog
  • Adwords: Concept and strategies: How to create ads that will stand out and deliver best results
  • Facebook Ads: Concept and strategies: How to create ads that will stand out and deliver best results
  • Creating 3-4 types of different Google adword campaigns
  • Creating different types of Facebook Ad campaigns
  • Tools to help you with advanced level of content marketing, creative and SEO
  • Case studies based on Social media Digital Marketing ROI
  • What is eCommerce? How does Social media affect eCommerce? What goes into UI of a well designed eCommerce site? (Few power packed tips and strategies)
  • Mobile marketing and what it means for your social media campaigns
  • Steps, guides and case study example of integrating a successful gamification strategy for your business or brand
  • Do’s and Don’ts of Digital marketing
  • Creating your social media safety or backup plan (safeguard in case something goes wrong)
  • Importance of Brand monitoring in social media and few quick power tools and process to help you with the same
  • Automation of social media: When you can and when you should not
  • Designing a DUMMY Social media marketing campaign live and as per the Project assignment given by the trainer to ensure you have an excellent grasp of what yo have learnt from this interactive and engaging digital marketing and social media workshop course online. 
  • Getting your FIRST Customer ONLINE
  • Moving beyond VANITY Metrics
  • Using YouTube for more than just uploading videos
  • Using Video clips on Instagram to boost your social reach
  • EMAIL marketing: Importance of EMAIL Marketing and Do’s and Don’ts in today’s scenario
  • Viral Marketing
  • SEO: Search engine optimization and SEM: Search engine marketing (online and offline)
  • LIVE Tweets, posts and test queries to ensure you are learning from this process
  • Q & A sessions
  • TEST on Digital marketing as suggested and designed by the trainer – To help the trainer understand what you have understood and what can be improvised.
  • Live interaction and exchange of queries with the Trainer across his social platforms as suggested by him during the online digital marketing social media workshop course duration

Who will conduct this session:

This session will be conducted by me ( www.ananthv.com )


SPECIAL Highlights about this Live Online Training session:

  • This will be a hands-on live video online training workshop wherein we will be allowing only a limited number of participants to ensure there is complete focus and attention give to the participants at all times.
  • Focus on practical aspects of digital marketing
  • Focus and learn from actual industry based case studies
  • Get Hands-on Training (Live Tweets and Posts to help you get grasp of the concepts during the Online training to ensure you have understood)
  • Feel free to ask your queries even during the sessions as instructed by the Trainer at the start of your sessions.
  • Focused attention with smaller batches to ensure you get time to try the learning practically too.

Once you Register for this online course, we will contact you from our end and send you complete details.


What do you need to attend this course: (Infrastructure)

– A Desktop or a laptop with internet connection to run smoothly during the sessions.

– Webcam and Speakers with mic

– And of course, lot’s of curiosity to learn & grow in the field of digital marketing and social media.

(In case there is a change in the dates and or time, the same will be conveyed to the participants at least 48 hours in Advance from our end.)

For our customized Corporate Training Programs on Digital marketing, Entrepreneurship, Social media, feel free to reach us here >>> www.techdivine.com/corporate-training

We hope you have a wonderful learning experience on Digital marketing and social media with Mr.Ananth V.


Do note: To ensure we are able to give focus to each participant with hands-on live video training experience, we are limiting our seats for each session on a first come first served basis.


To ensure to Reserve and BOOK your seats, You can choose to Book from either of the options shared below:

  1. Book by calling our event team directly and avail special discount offers on your BOOKINGS – Call Mr.VISHAL:  +91-08097914439   Or Email him directly at: socialmedia@techdivine.com  with Discount Code: BlogDGM9


2. You can BOOK Your Workshop Course seats from the site online >>> Learn Digital Marketing and social media course Online >>> http://www.meraevents.com/event/learn-digital-marketing-social-media-workshop-course-online?ucode=organizer



Have queries, feel free to reach me here directly.

Have a wonderful weekend ahead.

Ananth V

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