#RIO2016 Artisto video filters and Prisma lovely useful photo apps

#RIO2016 Artisto video filters and Prisma lovely useful photo apps

Rich media content created in the form of beautiful memories, moments by users is always a top-notch content to be shared on social networking sites.

In fact, that is the reason for more than 65 – 70% of the users creating content today….. so that they can share it on social sites with their friends!

With the recent advent of faster broadband services across countries, the usage of image and video sharing has exploded in the digital media space.

Both users and brands are equally excited about this.

Millions and now billions of hours of content is being shared and consumed every day across multiple social networking sites and apps from users all over the world.

It is true, data never sleeps!

Data is the heart of a digital marketing campaign and content is the soul of a brand ~ Ananth V


2016 social media statistics infographic
2016 social media statistics

Image Source: https://www.domo.com By Josh James, Founder, CEO & Chairman of the Board


With so much data being consumed, shared, created every single day from users across the globe using digital medium, it is only obvious to see more and more apps going the rich photograph and video content sharing / editing way.

The fun part is the super creative new filters that come with each of these apps ensuring that users not only experiment with their media content but also keep sharing it with each other by actively using these apps through the day.

Prisma has become a fabulous fad among users applying the app across every single profile picture of theirs, day in and out these days.

It’s a beautiful app that let’s you play around with tons of creative filters to give your pictures a look and feel like never before.

Prisma on itunesPrisma on Android

prisma2 prisma

The extremely creative and novel image filtering techniques lets users experiment with unique ways of creating their own stylized photo versions using these filters.

Here are few images edited using this PRISMA app: (Combined them into a collage using Photo Grid Android and Photo Grid for iOS.

Prisma app photograph filters
Prisma app photograph filters

And then, we now have Artisto which works in a super cool way and gives users plenty of filters to work with and that too by editing their videos with it.

I loved using the RIO 2016 filters in Artisto app for Android and Artisto video app for your iOS and few others too. 

Have a look:

RIO 2016 Filter Artisto video edit creative app

Artisto video weekend Travel India

This app helps you create beautiful videos using unique and very creative video filters.

Have you tried using any of these apps, be it Artisto or Prisma?

Do share your cool photographs and or videos with me here, would love to see them.

Be Well

Ananth V

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