Whatever you say online stays online: Legal implications

Whatever you say online stays online: Legal implications

With the power of social media in terms of expressing anger, venting out frustrations etc users across the globe have made it a point to do it, well, oh so casually and frequently.

You can see millions of users trolling others, making claims, defaming users and or celebrities by even tagging them etc.

Recently, a court in New South Wales has awarded a 74-year-old man A$150,000 in damages after defamatory claims made in a Facebook post led him to being assaulted

Yes, there can be legal implications, if the point of defaming someone is baseless and simply with an intent of being a part of the TRENDS frenzy online etc.

Social media legal safety

Here are some quick pointers to keep your cool and play it safe whenever you are supposed to:

  • Do not share others or for that matter, in fact, even your own contact and or information on a public platform. There are users who check-in from their homes, share their holiday travel plans, post their home address or personal contact numbers etc. Don’t share yours and under no circumstances ever share someone else’s!
  • Unless and until you are the victim of a brand or an individual causing harm to you online in any manner do not revert or respond back directly. Even in the case if you are the victim, think about the legal implications of responding to such a post or tag. Take legal help if needed before doing anything rash under any circumstances today. It’s very core for your personal safety and security.
  • Social networking sites today give you options such as Block users who are troubling you or trolling you or annoying you and in case of serious issues, you can even report them (as per image sample shared below).
  • Under no circumstances take any action that will compromise your or your loved one’s safety by getting into fights or falling for scams. With the growing concerns of digital safety, police and the legal system are constantly sharing information on how to keep yourself safe and secure. So you can also follow their sites and or profiles and stay updated.
  •  There are certain information that have copyrights and trademarks, certain content that have patents, etc as per the brand’s or professionals usage policy of the same. Understand them before claiming them to be your own. Learn about Copyrights and Trademarks etc. It goes a long way!
  • Branding is an important part of social media. What names and logos etc can and or cannot be used, what level of deviation in the alphabets allows you to use a name that sounds like another brand and what does not etc are core issues one needs to be aware of prior to getting into digital realm.
  • At the end of the day, always remember, even if you according to Your expertise or know-how have deleted something that you shared, once it has gone online the digital footprints always stay online!
  • Don’t make a social digital faux pas
  • Don’t Tag people with posters, posts, links that have religious and or political views because they can lead to serious repercussions.  The users who are being tagged by you might have a very different view of the same and might even get offended.
  • If you are writing to a brand, make sure you have proof of your conversations and or communication and are aware of any and all ramifications that could follow.
  • Always be SAFE!
  • And as a brand ensure to always have a social media backup plan.
Social media legal safety
Social media legal safety


Everything in Life has two sides to it. If you listen to only one side of the story, chances are, they are pretty biased. 

With millions of users sharing day in and day out about how digital is ruining our lives, people are osng their jobs because of it, how technology by bringing people closer has ended up pushing us farther away from each other, at the same time, there are millions of users who are using the same technology to do wonders across the globe: Create job opportunities, improve medicine, health care and quality of life, help us do tasks more efficiently and with minimal or even zero errors and so forth…. so in effect, I would say, both the sides are true in their own way.

How you make use of it will define where you get with it!

Have a peaceful, happy and prosperous connect the digital way!

Do share your comments, views, feedback and experiences of the same with me here. Would love to hear from you.


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Be Well

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