#55SecsOrLess Facebook Ads objectives for Digital Marketing

#55SecsOrLess Facebook Ads objectives for Digital Marketing

Pay Per Click campaigns are useful when you want to go beyond organic reach and focus on targeted users across demographics with paid ads. 

Here is the 55 Seconds Or Less to Read” Post:

Each of the TYPES OF AD options (shared as an image below) caters to different OBJECTIVES from a Brand or a Digital Marketing Professionals point of view: 

Types of Facebook ADS Objectives PPC pay per click digital marketing
Facebook ADS Objectives PPC

Understanding OBJECTIVES:

  • Boost Your Posts:: Helps you to boost your facebook page post among targeted readers.
  • Promote Your Page:: To INCREASE LIKES for your BRAND’s Facebook Page.
  • Send People to your Website:: To send people to a particular web url. You can also create ads for event tickets on your site.
  • Increase Conversions on your Website:: Focus to drive “valuable actions” on your website.
  • Get installs of your APP:: Getting people to install your app.
  • Increase engagement in your APP:: Getting users to actively use and increase engagement of your app.
  • Reach People near your business:: To reach people “near your business or around a specific location”. Eg promoting an upcoming exhibition in a “specific area” or a “regional play” across specific locality.
  • Raise attendance at your event:: Get more people to see and respond to your upcoming event.
  • Get People to claim your offer:: Promote offer’s eg.20% off for first 100 users who claim the offer etc.
  • Get Video Views:: Increase video views on your page for a particular video
  • Promote a product catalog:: Excellent for ecommerce sites to Create ads that automatically showcases products from your  site’s product catalog.
  • Collect Leads for your business:: Helps you to create a form that will collect information from people eg. drop your contact here and we will call you NOW, get a free quote now etc.
  • Increase Brand awareness:: Increase Brand awareness by promoting to a group of users more likely to be interested in your ADS.

facebook ads social media marketing ppc objectives ROI Ananth V

For Facebook ADS:You can have a look at >>> Facebook ADS Manager https://www.facebook.com/ads/manager


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(Do note: In the future posts, we will be looking into details of creating few types of these ads, their benefits, case study examples etc.

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