How-to succeed at social media marketing

How-to succeed at social media marketing

#55SecsOrLess to Read Post series continues

Here are 7 things to keep in mind to ensure your success with social media marketing:

  1. SEO: SEO today is much more than just website optimization. Include social media feed integration, image optimization and rich content marketing.
  2. Flexible strategy: Success of a social media campaign depends on how flexible is your digital strategy to accommodate changes mid-way.
  3. CTA: Use clear (CTA) CALL TO ACTION in all your promotions. Eg. Click here NOW to avail (with a link that leads to final landing page).
  4. Timely valuable information: The greatest power today is timely and correct INFORMATION. How quickly and how much valuable is the information you are providing to your end readers is what matters a lot!
  5. PPC: Focus not just on bid amount but also relevance and quality with your PPC campaigns. For eg. By creating Higher quality and relevant ads, not only does your Ad bid costing come down but you can also gain better ad positions.
  6. Data: Data is the heart of a digital marketing campaign. Focus only on that data which is ‘relevant to your digital campaign goals’.
  7. Gamification: While integrating Gamification, give your end users an opportunity to integrate their personal goals. Give them the power to brag about their achievement. Ensure this achievement is worth bragging about and also is non-offensive across countries and cultures.
Social media digital marketing success Ananth V
Digital Marketing Success

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4 thoughts on “How-to succeed at social media marketing

  1. Hello Mr Anant

    The new 55 secs series is very innovative & quick to read too.

    I do it while I travel.

    It is like reading tweets but at same time very useful info. Concept of being able to read in 55 secs or less is unique also.

    I read this in about 53 secs.

    Hope to see more such posts



    Vishwas Rajan

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