#55SecsOrLess to Read: Influencer marketing and social media rockstars

#55SecsOrLess to Read: Influencer marketing and social media rockstars

#55SecsOrLess to Read Post series continues

Influencer marketing is picking up with great pace. Brands are hiring digital superstars, social media marketing influencers, brand rockstar’s to promote, blog, tweet, post videos, share pictures on Instagram, Snapchat conversations etc to empower their products and services online.

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This post shared below is from the point of view of Social Media Influencers hired for these services. Off-late you can see many of them complaining that brands do not give them due credit (monetarily or otherwise) for their work, so I thought of putting together some simple ideas which could help them empower themselves much better!


The #55SecsOrLess to Read Post starts from here: 

  • Take up projects from brands because you believe in them, not just for fun! It reflects in your content.
  • Strictly Say “NO” to working for few quick freebies or much worse, for FREE from brands and or influencer marketing agencies. If your time is not worth their money, neither should your service be a requirement then from their end. Unless you really believe in a brand and or are truly and desperately seeking to be a part of that experience, never agree to do anything for free,or well, unless you just need to kill some time!
  • Agree to work only across industries that you truly understand or it belittles quality of your content and work.
  • Study the brand or product and or service well, take notes, pictures, videos etc spend some time and put efforts that doesn’t showcase just ‘standard professional work’, but your best, every single time.
  • Share the influencer marketing work across multiple platforms. Measure the results. These metrics will help you with your future campaigns.
  • Don’t bother about how other influencers are doing the same campaign. Keep your tone and style unique. It will help you build a power brand on your own soon!
  • Enjoy the process and constantly keep upgrading your skills and know-how.


End of the #55SecsOrLess to read post!

How has your experience as a social media influencer or a digital marketing influencer been with brands?

Let’s say, if you had no other source of income, would you have approached delivering these services differently for the same brands?

Do share your comments and or views, Would love to hear from you.

Be Well

Ananth V

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