DANGER: Agencies and Clients you should be wary working with

DANGER: Agencies and Clients you should be wary working with

7 Types of Digital Advertising Agencies you should be careful working with:

  • We Guarantee: Anyone who says they can guarantee. Eg. Guarantee Followers, Likes, Google Page Rank No.1, Website Traffic etc, should be a concern for you. Check out Google’s take on this: Beware of SEOs that claim to guarantee ranking. Digital marketing is about establishing a connect, brand engagement and relationship with customers and prospects. There are no GUARANTEES in SOCIAL, it’s about FREE WILL. Customers connect with brands they TRUST.
  • We Offer CHEAP services: Nothing valuable ever comes for cheap. It might come at a value price, but not for cheap. The word itself diminishes the power of the brand. Do you want to hand over your brand to such an agency?
  • We have over 1,000+ clients: They have been in the industry for less than 5-6 years and if they claim to have ridiculous number of clients, be very wary.
  • Their Digital presence is very poor: They are themselves not active on social networking platforms and do not even have blog sites that are updated frequently. BIG RED FLAG! The biggest red flag here would be if their digital head has no digital presence that truly contributes value and showcases their know-how of the digital realm.
  • They use Traditional medium to advertise more than digital space: Claiming to be offering services in digital space, if they themselves use traditional medium more for brand reach, well, it’s your call to decide on their credentials! 
  • Their CEO and Director: Their CEO or Digital Head or Director is someone who has less than 5- 7 years of professional and or work experience handling responsible roles and not just a job. Remember, you are planning to hand over your Brand to them. Yes, well, there are Zuckerberg’s, well not exactly, there is just one! The rest need to showcase work and or a product that elevates you to earn that spot.
  • Case Studies: Digital agencies that do not have Case Studies, get out of there right now! 

7 Types of Clients and Or Enquiries you should be careful working with:

  • Guarantee Us Results: Unless they can put it in writing that their product and or service will not receive any negative feedback from any customer across the globe, I don’t think they have any right to demand the same!
  • No or Poor Budget, but we want the services: These are enquiries who demand too many services, results, reports and end up with a post or a quote that says, “We have almost no or very poor budget”. There is nothing wrong in having less budget, but then the demand for services should match the same accordingly.
  • Unprofessional: Some enquiries are rude right from the start of the conversation. They start interacting as if you are an employee and they make it clear that they don’t respect or value their employees. Run away!
  • Ridiculous demands: They will ask for deliverable that are humanly not possible, which says they have absolutely no clue of how digital works. For eg. they might ask you, “I want 1 million likes on facebook in 1 month, 10,000 shares on blog in a week, million views on youtube in 24 hours, I want 200% increase in leads in 1 month, what’s the best and cheapest price you can offer?”. Well, for these kind of queries, the honest and fun answer ( not advisable though) would really be, “Oh, I am sorry, the cheap second hand used clothing sale is down the hall to your right, don’t let the door smack you in the face on your way out.” (Don’t try this while at home or especially at work) 
  • Know-it-all: They will interact with you with an attitude that they are already experts in your field of work and that they just need a helping hand. They would neither offer gratitude, nor respect for their peers and of course, they have no priority to squeeze you in for their budgets. 
  • Conveniently contradicting: These are brands and or organization’s who are conveniently contradicting. For eg. while discussing about themselves or introducing their brand, they would use words like, “Global, Reputed, Recognized, Internationally acclaimed, 20+ years in the industry, Industry experts, Market leaders etc” and when it comes to asking for a quotation and pricing from your end, they would quickly turn to using words like, “Remember, it’s our new venture, we are a start-up and we have no budget, its just a trial for us etc”. Worst of all are clients who clearly do not want to follow the contract agreement which they have themselves signed and agreed upon. In cases of contractual obligations, if you find them deviating consistently, especially when it comes to financials, payment, advance etc it is a clear flag that they are low on ethics and professionalism. Get out immediately! If you have a contract and yet the client seems to do whatever they feel like, they are obviously unethical in terms of work and would be sucking up your bandwidth, giving negative feedback and not make payments as promised. 
  • Ignorant: It’s alright if you don’t understand how a service and or an industry works, not everyone knows everything. I strongly believe that the learning curve never ends. But there are enquiries who are just plain ignorant. They know that they don’t know and also that they don’t really care. They just want to get things over with. As a digital agency, be extremely careful while tying up with such enquiries, they will suck up your bandwidth, not respond or revert on time and never give you feedback on what’s working and what isn’t. 

Businesses are created dime a dozen, focus on building a brand!

Off late, we have heard of brands that have been successful in acquiring millions of dollars in investment funding and the same brands shutting down out of the blue. Most of it can be linked back to poor decisions right from the start. Of course, there are organization’s that collapse due to unforeseen circumstances that are beyond anyone’s control too.

The point is, there are few things which we have no control over and as always, there are few things which we can be careful about prior to entering into a business contract.

The biggest three factors that I believe contribute to any brand’s success and growth are:

  • TRUST – Mutual
  • Respect, recognition and Value for parties doing business with you.
  • It’s a Business: Never expect a freebie all the time! Everyone needs to sustain.

Hope this was useful. 

Did you know that as a digital agency, we at Techdivine Creative Services, have over 78% of our clients acquired through digital marketing and social media! You can check out and download few of our digital marketing and social media ROI based case studies here.

Do share your comments and or views based on your experiences too. Would love to hear from you.

Be Well

Ananth V

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