The Pilot, brings you a world without language barriers @waverlylabsinc

The Pilot, brings you a world without language barriers @waverlylabsinc

The Pilot Waverly Labs wearable technology language translator
The Pilot Waverly Labs

I love brands and technology products. Obviously, I am a big fan of wearable technology too.

But at the same time, I don’t enjoy if it takes out the “human connect and feel” from the experience. For eg. there is an innate joy in learning languages. Even if they are merely few key phrases from a different language, I enjoy speaking and or using those key phrases. It somehow creates an immediate connect.

When you learn someone’s local or native language and communicate, they are always joyous. I guess, it’s the effort that someone puts towards being a part of their culture, tradition, experience and of course, their native language too that helps in creating a mutual comfort.

Last year, I had joined French classes to formally learn the same and even though I ended up missing 65% of the sessions due to my rigid travel schedule, I still can start a conversation with someone in basic French and converse may be for few minutes or so. I do try to visit and update and or upgrade my language learning skills from time to time too. In fact, my passion for learning languages has always been that way. Which is why, few years ago, I even got together with few of my peers, friends and colleagues to start a free language learning site where we shared few quick and key phrases that we had learned from different places and from meeting new people across countries, cities during our travel etc and posted them as a blog post, here is the link to that site: Learning Languages

Well, then why am I discussing this all of a sudden now?

Because, I happened to come across this lovely, wearable technology video and site that is beautiful with an ergonomic design and it assists people in communicating with each other by breaking down the language barrier.

Most importantly, it helps you avoid the awkwardness and dead air as you browse through the language translator book or app instead of looking at the person with whom you are actually conversing. Why? Because, all you need to do apparently  is look at them and speak in your own language and “The Pilot” translates it via their earpiece into the language they are comfortable conversing in. Wow!

This wearable tech is called, “The Pilot” from Waverly Labs Inc.

It combines “wearable technology with machine translation” and is said to be the “world’s first smart earpiece” which translates between users speaking different languages.

A world without Language barriers

It comes with an additional earpiece for wireless streaming music and an accompanying app, which toggles between languages.

About Waverly Labs: An innovative consumer electronics company created in 2014. 

Check out their awesome video here:

I know, with technology, there is always a part of the human connect missing, I agree.

But think about it this way, you can take your time out to learn new languages and have beautiful conversations with people across the globe, but when you are in a hurry and are visiting a foreign land for a brief period, a device as this one, could break down so many barriers as it brings you face to face communication with someone in a language that they are comfortable interacting and engaging into conversation with.

The Pilot Waverly Labs wearable technology language translator
The Pilot Waverly Labs wearable technology language translator

Do share your thoughts about this cool product, would love to hear from you.

Meanwhile, if you too, like me, enjoy sharing few quick and interesting phrases from various languages and would like to share a blog post on a language that you love speaking or communicating in, do feel free to drop a comment and you too can post a Guest Post here the link to Learning Languages (It’s a free site on a  free domain purely created for the fun of learning something new, especially for those who travel across countries and are always on the go!)

Be Well

Ananth V

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