#55SecsOrLess To Read: 7 tips for planning your Pay Per Click Digital Marketing campaigns

#55SecsOrLess To Read: 7 tips for planning your Pay Per click digital marketing campaigns

Pay Per Click PPC Campaigns

Pay Per Click campaigns or (PPC) as they are popular known among digital marketers, helps you as a Digital Marketing professional or an Organization or as a BRAND, to deliver optimized results. But the focus needs to be your GOALS and or Objectives.

#55Secs Or Less to Read Series begins here for 7 tips for planning your Pay Per Click Digital Marketing campaigns:

  1. First decide on your goals, then your target audience and only then focus on the platform or PPC model to use.
  2. Your industry will also decide on the responses from the PPC campaign, so understand your customer’s behavioral and response patterns well. For eg. for a Mental wellness or for Financial investment, asking a user to engage with you on a public platform might not be the right and subtle approach. Give them an option via your PPC campaign to connect discreetly and securely converse with you about their pain areas.
  3. Focus on target audiences based on digital marketing social media analytics and metrics. While creating an ad online,focus on “their areas of interest” rather than only across metrics such as location, age group, gender etc.
  4. Don’t randomly create a long term budget and automated ad. Rather, create ads on a day to day basis and monitor their reports daily to see what’s working and what’s not.
  5. Content plays a crucial role. Ensure your ad has valuable content that you as a brand or a marketer can offer to your end users. Remember, at all times, it’s about being social too.
  6. Customized Facebook ads can be optimized for various objectives, focused Google adwords can deliver results across targeted users, Twitter ads and gamification can do wonders when combined as one and so on.
  7. Ensure your site links are mobile optimized and your landing page has all the relevant data your prospect will need when they click on your ad. Keep their enquiry process or user experience on your landing page as simple as possible.

Hope you found this resourceful.

Feel free to reach me for your queries on Customized Digital Marketing social media campaigns

Have a wonderful day ahead.

Ananth V

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