#55SecsOrLess To Read 5 things to boost your social media digital marketing

#55SecsOrLess To Read5 things to boost your social media digital marketing

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  1. Invest in good tools, tested, proven process and resources: Invest in good tools that help you track analytics, plan SEO, design and create content that is relevant to your stakeholders, customers and employees.
  2. Do not ignore analytics: In the world of information overload, understanding data that is relevant and core to your social media goals will make all the difference. BigData and Analytics cannot be ignored.
  3. Test platforms: Understand that social media is not about websites or apps. It was always about people. Test different platforms (two to three) , track and measure the ones that generate best and real-time responses from your customers and prospects and focus on those alone.
  4. Paid and Organic: Invest in SEO (paid and organic). Nothing valuable ever comes cheap. Remember, the price you pay is generally associated with the value that you associate with your brand’s reputation online. So cheap should never be a priority.
  5. In-house and Outsource: Not everything needs to be done in-house. Hire resources that offer valuable services in a way that is better than what your in-house team would do. At the same time, let your in-house team empower skills they are already exceptional at. Get the best of both the worlds.

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