#55SecsOrLess To Read: 6 reasons why your digital marketing is not working

#55SecsOrLess To Read: 6 reasons why your digital marketing is not working

As we continue with the #55SecsOrLess To Read Posts series, here are 6 reasonsWhy your digital marketing is not working”. Make sure your wonderful brand isn’t facing any of them!

digital marketing success

1. Unclear Goals: Many times marketers mistake and focus their goals on merely aspects like “trending”, “likes”, “followers” which at the end of the day, truly do not add any value to either the brand or to it’s consumers. Goals have to be clear and essentially when accomplished ensure to add value to all the parties that are part of this experience.

2. Ignoring SEO: More and more consumers today use web as their first point of connect and understanding of a brand. Move over websites, focus on rich SEO that is created through validated websites, blogs and as an ongoing process and not just a one time strategy.

3. Underestimating power of Paid Ads: SEO is an integral part of digital marketing, no doubt, but make sure you do not ignore paid ads like Google Adwords, Facebook Ads etc. They are power packed and deliver great results when designed, planned, implemented and moderated with the right metrics.

4. Gratification: Always integrate INSTANT GRATIFICATION in the form of deals,offers, discounts, freebies, awards and recognition’s. Even an acknowledgement about your brand ambassadors online mentioning about your brand or product would act as a powerful motivator for them to continue do the same. Never ignore or take them for granted. The right influencer can do wonders and reach across locations both, locally and globally when motivated correctly.

5. Right team and wrong skills: Always make sure your digital marketing team members are updated with state of the art new age media tools, process, strategies etc in the field of marketing and social media. Ensure to reward top performing employees & encourage employee advocacy and employee skill up-gradation at all times with customized Corporate Training programs.

6. Misjudging role of social media: You have misjudged the role played by a social media professional and handed over your brands online marketing to an amateur whose only understanding of this medium is to post or tweet with no grasp of concepts of branding, marketing and analytics.

These are few of the things which if not being given the right focus or attention to would result in a digital marketing campaign failure.

Remember, “Digital marketing is not a one-time strategy, it is a daily effort with a sincere idea to add value to end users”.

Have a great day ahead.

Be Well

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