Why more followers on Twitter does not necessarily mean right social media influencers

Why more followers on Twitter does not necessarily mean right social media influencers

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Brands off-late have become obsessed with users on Twitter who have a follower count of over 5,000 or 10,000 and so on.

Many times, brands blindly assign the task of “Influencer marketing” campaign to digital influencers and users merely based on their followers number.

Then, when the campaign fails to generate the desired results, they blame the influencers.

Is it the influencers fault or the brands?

Well, to some extent, both!

Influencers should know better prior to accepting campaigns on influencer marketing and should ensure that they can target the right set of demographics as per the requirements of the brand.

At the same time, it’s the brands responsibility to make sure that these influencers who will be discussing about their brand online cater to their target audiences.

Here is a simple example: User A on twitter has 3,900 followers and User B has 18,600 followers. By mere observation, user B would be the right choice but when you look closely it’s actually the User A who might generate the desired results. Why and How? Well, the questions which the brand then asks is: “What are the criteria for the same?, How do we know which user is the right match? How do we trust the data or target audience demographics metrics as shared by the prospective influencers?”

Well, for starters, look at the following five aspects before handing over your brand campaign in influencer marketing to any digital agency or a group or to an individual user:

  • Tweets: You can use various analytic tools available online to help you understand the core interest of topics that prospective influencer tweets about in general. This will also help you to zero-in on shortlisted candidates for consideration based on their core interests and category of tweets which they usually discuss.
  • Followers: On similar lines as shared above, there are social media analytic tools available online that will also help you assess the followers interests and topics of a particular social media digital influencer. Use this data to get a better idea of whether it matches your target audience.
  • Previous campaigns: Get a digital marketing case study analysis and not just a list of names or users where these influencers have done campaigns for. A case study gives you a much better idea of how knowledgeable and thoroughly professional these influencers are with their campaigns.
  • Costs: The moment an influencer’s core USP or Unique selling point is their CHEAP COSTS or LOW Prices, get out of there immediately. If your influencer’s idea and first focus is cheap pricing, then you are truly going to get what you pay for. You pay peanuts and you get monkeys. Nothing professionally valuable ever comes cheap!
  • Mover over likes or followers or TRENDING HOURS: Get real data, follow-up with the agency or the influencer to understand whether this trending hashtag would really help you with your digital marketing goal. Don’t bargain on price, rather spend some time discussing with the influencer to truly see what or what else can be done to boost your social media goals. A real digital influencer, will ensure to give you real data, valuable metrics and quality consultation with the influencer marketing campaign at all times.
  • Don’t ask an influencer to do something for FREE: Everyone out there, professionals, or agencies or individual freelancers etc are doing this for a living. So as a mega brand or a start-up brand ensure you do not try to take advantage of the competitive goals from digital influencers in landing a digital campaign. Yes, it is that competitive today. More often than not, people who agree to do stuff for free for you would be those who either do not really understand what is going on out there with your consumers, products or brand or they simply do not care. Always, ensure to pay your influencers and not with freebies or merchandise, but for a real world cost. Of course, you can bargain according to your budget and digital marketing campaign needs, but do not act cheap in the hurried process. It will reflect in your brand’s digital presence online. There is nothing worse than a brand hiring a list of freebie influencers who have no understanding of branding, marketing and social media and are aggressively promoting your product as merely an object for sale rather than as a value which is what the consumers of today finally go for!

A power packed digital marketing, social media, influencer marketing campaign has lot more going on within, than just tweets and posts. It’s about being able to connect with your brand and in the process create that feel and reach across online with the right set of audiences too.

Feel free to share your views, experiences and queries with me on this. Would love to hear from you.

Be Well

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