#55SecsOrLess To Read: 4 reasons why your blog is not generating revenue

#55SecsOrLess To Read: 4 reasons why your blog is not generating revenue

Blogging is not a one time strategy. It is a daily effort with a sincere idea to add value to end users.

how to monetize your blog

When I started my digital agency in 2010, I powered it up with the boost that I received to deliver professional campaigns through my various blogs.

Blogs for me are a great way to monetize, build a powerful and reputed brand and at the same time sincerely add tremendous value to readers.

I am sure you have read this power post on “12 things to do with your blog to build it into a brand”, if not, click to read the post.

#55SecsOrLess To Read Post series starts from here for “4 reasons why your blog is not generating revenue

  1. Content: Ensure your content is relevant to your end readers, refreshing, original and constantly generated with a consistent feel of your writing style and industry focus.
  2. SELL: SELL: SELL: When someone is reading your blog posts, all they can see is “I am here to SELL”. Ensure that does not happen. Focus on writing stuff that you love and truly have an expertise grip on which adds value and the rest will follow.
  3. Consistent action: Having a content calendar is great, but ensure you rigidly follow it by creating valuable content blog posts by consistently researching latest trends in your industry.
  4. Metrics: Don’t ignore metrics. Drop in visitors, increased time on site, SEO, referral sites etc all these are valuable metrics that will further boost your content quality on your blog and encourage more readers to visit.

Data is the heart of a digital marketing campaign and content is the soul of a brand.

Be Well

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