Entrepreneurship – Knowing when to give up to be able to start again #GrowthHacking

Entrepreneurship – Knowing when to give up to be able to start again #GrowthHacking

Sometimes as an entrepreneur, as a start-up founder(s) we have difficulties in knowing when to give up. Why? Because, we become so emotionally attached to our brands, our dreams…..

But then, why would there be a need to give up?

Well, so to speak, not all products and services work, not every feature or function offered by your company will be as amazing or as splendid as we believe it to be. Sometimes, change is no longer an option and it becomes inevitable. 

Some of the core issues when it comes to entrepreneurs not making that transition usually can be zeroed in on:

  • Refusal to accept that there is something wrong
  • Reluctance to change
  • Refusing to accept feedback from customers and or even peers at times
  • Relying too much on past credentials
  • Relying too much on dreams or goals from the future

As founders and start-up entrepreneurs it’s core to keep in mind the following two rules at all times:

RULE 1: You cannot base your credentials or establish TRUST based on your future plans

RULE 2: You cannot grow or change with time merely based on relying from the credentials from your past

entrepreneur never give up Its not over until I win

Let’s take a look at RULE 1:

You cannot base your credentials or establish TRUST based on your future plans:

Lot of Entrepreneurs and Founders who have never seen the level of growth of success with their business that they ought to have based on the team and or products or support that they have had. Most of the times, when you meet these set of business owners, you can hear them speak a lot about their FUTURE GOALS, plans and expectations every single time. But, there is no progress, because they never take any action to ensure that these goals or dreams can be put to work. That’s right, for any GOAL to make sense or become real, things have to be put into action. Even then, its not necessary that the dreams will become a reality, but that would at least ensure that you are not building castles in the air and are sincerely working towards making something happen.

Let’s take a look at RULE 2:

You cannot grow or change with time merely based on relying from the credentials from your past:

Sometimes a past accolade or credential gets into our head so much that we seem to slowly thin-out the original HUNGER that got us that accolade in the first place. Here, the essential is to ensure the originality is never lost, the innovation keeps happening and as an organization, you constantly evaluate your products and or services and add or delete the ones that are or not in sync with the market demands. These are actions that will define your organization’s sustainability and growth.

  • Removing services or products or functions that no longer make any sense to the current industry requirements.
  • Adding newer verticals based on what the growing demands are.
  • Ensuring to add personalization of services or products wherever it is possible, so on and so forth.

Always remember, sometimes we need to stop, give-up on a particular product, feature, function, dream so as to be able to start all over again. That’s when it gets real!

There are no guarantees in life. Anything can happen anytime! There are moments when things get so real that we are humbled enough to accept that there are forces in life that are beyond our control, that’s it’s not just all hunky-dory and that will-power alone isn’t enough to keep pushing you forward.

Life is a combination of choices, our past experiences, will-power, ability to keep pushing and pulling ourselves, accepting failures to ensure that we learn from it and not give up, ability to start something new and or all over again, that life is a combination of hard work, sacrifices, goals, luck (good and bad), motivation, aspirations, realities, failures, success, learning, growing, giving, humility and most importantly to understand and accept in our minds thatIt’s not over till until I WIN ~ Les Brown”

Have you experienced things or heard stories or read books that describe these? What has moved you the most?

Do share your thoughts, views and experiences with me here, would love to hear from you.

Be Well

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Ananth V

2 thoughts on “Entrepreneurship – Knowing when to give up to be able to start again #GrowthHacking

  1. There’s this clear and obvious difference between giving up entirely (that’d be resigning yourself to a lifelong 9-to-5), giving up temporarily to refocus, catch your breath, and resume at a later date (like taking on a full-time job for a while when bills stack up), and tearing apart pieces of your business that just aren’t working.


    I think all three of those come from the same violation of the rules you mentioned – namely that a lot of people operate their businesses from the wrong mindset. We seem to have this idea of entrepreneurship meaning relaxing on a beach in Cabo and want to skip to that step without having to put in the decade of 120-hour weeks. At least that seems to be the issue that a lot of people run into in my circle.

    1. Hello Michael Noker,
      Perfectly said. That is the core reason and what’s happening mostly around us. The moment the right mindset comes into picture, everything falls into place. But that has to be self-initiated as motivation and the will to push ourselves work only to a certain point. The constant need to succeed, grow, innovate comes from within, the hunger to keep improving has to be from within ourselves. Thanks for your comments, have a great day.
      Ananth V http://www.ananthv.com

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