When should you Blog with multiple blogs

When should you Blog with multiple blogs

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Should you have one blog or multiple blogs for your brand, business and yourself?

The above question has been a serious concern for professional bloggers across the globe over the years.

Since the early 90’s to its powerful comeback in the early 2001 and now, during an era where the power of blogs is no longer questioned, rather it’s about, how to empower Brands using blogs, PROFESSIONAL BLOGGING has immensely grown across industries and countries.

Blogs have helped entrepreneurs, start-up’s and founder’s build brands with minimum viable investment and power packed quality content using story telling.

My own Digital Agency, Techdivine Creative Services essentially found its first client using our power packed corporate Blogging site’s strategies and digital marketing ideas.

The best part about blogging is that, irrespective of your interest, industry that you belong to, topic that you plan to write about, there is already someone doing it from which you can learn from, adapt, innovate and build something valuable for your readers on your own too.

Blogging today is a serious business and monetizing using blogs is a profession that has found it’s specialization across industries.

Millions of blogs across niche topics are out there today adding megatons of metadata, information, know-how, metrics for users ever second of every single day.

Did you know that today, there are professionals whose only job is to BLOG? 

Obviously with trillions of content being generated across millions of blogs, the questions that these brands and digital marketing professionals or professional bloggers are asking today is: Should we have separate blogs for different purposes or one blog with multiple topics of interest would be fine? 

Here are few things to ask yourself before jumping into any conclusion:

  1. Why are you doing this? What is the purpose? – If your response is, well, it’s a nice pass time or a hobby, then this post is not for you. But, if your response is ‘because you love doing this’, then ask yourself, what do you enjoy writing about the most? Why? Because, every time you end up doing something you love, you automatically excel in it, because it no longer feels like work!
  2. How seriously and sincerely dedicated are you with your blog? If you write once a month or less, then it’s just a hobby for you. If you blog on an average at least 100 posts a year or are focused and disciplined enough to do so, well, then, start writing and keep improving. Generate quality content and readers will follow.
  3. Am I generating revenue and or able to monetize using my blog? If your answer is no and you still refer to yourself as a professional blogger, then you have some serious thinking to do. Unless you are paid for what you do (in real monetary terms), it’s never considered sustainable. You can convince yourself otherwise, but it will never be true. Why? Because it isn’t? So if the only form of revenue you generate from your blog is freebies from brands, then, you need to reconsider your blogging strategy entirely. Always remember, the Universe will give you what you ask from it. If you constantly accept freebies from brands as a professional blogger, that’s all that you will receive. But if you take this up seriously and focus on truly monetizing your blog, not only will you make money, earn success, get more readership with serious brand building possibilities, but automatically, you will find that the quality of content and the consistency with which you do it with also keep growing.

Once you have answered the above queries, then you can focus on the question on whether to have a single blog or multiple blogs.

It’s only logical to assume that since you have had the above queries, you are interested in writing about topics that are unique on their own.

So ask yourself the following three queries:

  1. Will I be sincerely devoting my time across multiple blogs? Remember, while answering this, you can keep in mind that your core focus will always be towards your Professional blog wherein the others can be updated as and when you wish to add something new about your varied topics of interest.
  2. Will it deviate my focus from my professional blog? Your professional blog always needs to be your top priority. Do nothing that would affect your focus towards this.
  3. Will I have content and interesting self goals or stories to tell? Even if you have multiple interests, make sure you have a story to tell!

If your answer to all the above questions is positive, then by all means, create multiple blogs.

  • In fact, you can create a dedicated domain, webspace and hosting for your professional blog and host your ‘passion blogging venture’ on free domains. Who knows, even that might start generating revenue for you! Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Of course it would!
  • At the same time, do not take these free domain blogs for granted. Ensure to post regularly and at the same time, empower your multiple blog reach using various tools and social media promotions. 
  • Focus on quality of your content at all times across your blogs and most importantly, keep your signature writing style intact across all these blogs. 
  • Digital marketing can be a powerful process to help you promote your blog and content today.
  • You can blog as a brand using dedicated vanity domain and site / space etc and also blog using sites that allow you to do so for free.

Here are few very popular sites that you can use to (set up your own free or paid blogs according to your needs) blog your heart out:

  • WordPress – One of the oldest and most popular blogging platforms. Easy to maintain and manage.
  • Blogger – One of the oldest blogging platforms
  • Facebook – Write your blog post and share it with your friends, family, peers etc
  • LinkedIn Pulse – Write your own blog post articles on LinkedIn itself and share it with the professional contacts across LinkedIn and even using other social networking sites.
  • Tumblr – An awesome way to share interesting content as a blog post
  • Contentful
  • livejournal

If you are a serious and Professional blogger, you might enjoy reading this: 12 things to do with your Blog to build it into a BRAND

Remember, Blogging is not a one time strategy. It is a daily effort with a sincere idea to add value to end users.

How many of you already have and maintain multiple blogs?

What got you interested and how did you start.

Do share your story with me, would love to hear from you.


Be Well

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Ananth V

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