5 ways, web and social media analytics boosts digital marketing success

5 ways, web and social media analytics boosts digital marketing success

Analytics today goes well beyond website hits and traffic. Today, social media and website analytics helps professional digital marketers do so much more with their campaigns.

web and social media analytics

Here are 5 ways in which the power of web and social media analytics today can boost your digital marketing success rate exponentially whether you are a trained marketer or are learning digital marketing and social media:

  • Redesigning content: Look closely at the searches on your website. Look for clues via Google analytics statistics for most visited pages, most downloaded content, the Users flow on your site. These are just metrics anymore. These power insights tell you as a professional digital marketer about what the end reader is looking for when he or she visits your site. Ensure your content is original, updated at all times. Offering Value consistently to your end users and readers always enables you as a brand to convert visitors to loyal customers.
  • Planning and focusing on PPC campaigns: Pay per click is an important and integral part of digital marketing campaign strategies today. Understanding how your visitors engage online, the time when they are most active, the locations from which they visit your site, the content which they consume the most on your site, time they visit on a particular page or site etc helps you to plan the perfect pay per click campaigns for your prospects. It not only reaches the right set of users, but also helps in optimizing quality conversions.
  • Delivering and scheduling a content calendar for posting across multiple social networking sites: Let’s say your google analytics report shows that users consume and or download more of PDF than any other content on your website. Similarly, your facebook insights reports shows that your brand page fans love pictures which have brief descriptions or captions and on similar lines, your twitter analytics showcases that users re-tweet your content more when it has a combination of a valuable blog post with a link and an image, these insights help you plan the right set and RELEVANT content across specific platforms at the right time. Remember, not only do consumers and prospects behave differently online, they engage differently even across different social networking platforms. So it is core to ensure that even though there is uniformity in the tone of corporate communication across your content, there is always a distinction in the type of content shared across multiple social networking sites. Having a clear understanding of these power packed metrics and analytics not only makes you one of the most influential digital marketing leaders but also enables you to do justice across your campaigns every single time. The reason being, you know where to look and what to make of it. Reminds me of this blog post: Do you know where to use the screwdriver?
  • Mobile Analytics: Let’s take an example that off-late your ecommerce site has shown a massive and sudden drop in the users from the checkout pages. These are users who have added products to their shopping carts, come to your checkout page and at the last minute opted to exit the site without making a purchase. A sudden surge of such behavior which can be vividly seen via analytics across web and social media reports of your organization should not be ignored. Focus on visiting your own site as a third party user. See what’s really happening out there. In an actual case study scenario, when an enquiry came to my Digital agency expressing such a concern, she had two things in her mind: One, if this was a silly question and two, if there is a solution. From our point of view, we strongly believe, there is no such thing as a silly question and two, of course there is a solution. Once the said enquiry became our client for consultation, we scanned through her organization’s site and saw the statistics as mentioned above. When we went further deep into the analytics and social media part of the reports, we found out that their website had recently installed a new plugin which was popping up at the conversion stage and causing the browser to crash for users across using a older version of a certain type of browser. The moment we shared this with the client, within a week, their site saw a quick surge of checkouts as before. So it’s not just about the data, but how you learn to interpret the web and social media analytics that makes all the difference. These are moments when you can redefine your know-how in your field of work and ensure that you do justice to the titles of being the best digital marketing professional across.
  • Consumer behavior Analytics: Web and social media anlaytics be it from google analytics or twitter or facebook insights etc is a powerful way to understand consumers behavior online. It online helps in giving customers and prospects better user experience online but also can help a brand or organization transcend that experience to their customers who visit their sites onsite. Here is a wonderful and popular read on how Empowering Shopping with Multimodality, Omni-Channel Approach for Omniscient Consumers helped a retail and lifestyle industry brand increase their actual sales revenue.

What is your favorite strategy or analytics experience that has resulted in a great digital campaign for your brand and your end users? 

Hope you found this post resourceful, do share your responses, views and comments. Would love to hear from you.

In case of queries, feel free to share your comments and views below.

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