#55SecsOrLess To Read: Why depending too much on social networking sites is a bad idea

#55SecsOrLess To Read:  Why depending too much on social networking sites is a bad idea

As the Founder & CEO of a Global award winning Digital Agency that has catered to over 27 industries across 6 countries (India, USA, UK, UAE, AUS, SPAIN) in the past 6.5 Years, I understand that the above shared statement about “social networking dependency” can be a bit confusing.

But here are 5 simple and honest reasons to why you need to do more than just be popular or active on social networking sites if your goal one day is to build a Power Brand or an organization.

This post is part of the 55 Seconds or Less to read series.

Here are 5 quick reasons on “Why depending too much on social networking sites is a bad idea”

social network addiction digital

  • Change: Social networking sites undergo change consistently throughout the year. They add new features, abruptly delete old features, make privacy changes out of the blue etc.
  • They OWN it: They own their sites, so at the end of the day, even if they are responsible as organizations to cater to certain demands and public standards, they rule the domain. Every time you click on “I accept” across these sites you give away part of your rights across your routine life decisions when online.
  • Authority: They have the final say for most of the requests, feedback and concerns expressed by us as users of these sites. Whether we might feel that they have done something wrong or unjustified, unless they decide to help out, you are out on the cold by yourself. Lots of time marketers and users have felt this way when their honest requests have fallen on deaf ears across these sites and there was no other option other than to stop using these platforms for such users or professionals.

social network addiction digital

  • Left Hanging: Even though we feel it’s a global organization or a Fortune 500 company that is publicly listed, you need to understand that its run by people. At times, there are solutions or answers that you might seek which might go unseen (intentionally or otherwise) just because the person handling it was in a bad mood and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it and we are left hanging.
  • Nothing beats ownership: When you own your own blog or site, you have complete control of the same. You can share updates, create personalized features within the site to help your end users, customers and prospects in a way that you know would add value to them.

Nothing beats having control of your own site especially when you know you are more than eager to design solutions that are truly a value-add for your prospects and customers and you can not only take complete ownership of the same but also complete responsibility.

So to speak, be active on social networking sites, no doubt about it, but don’t let your life, content and or customers solutions depend on them. Create your own content, be your own decision maker and develop services and solutions that can truly enrich your end user experience.

Do share your views, comments on the same, would love to hear from you.

Be Well

Ananth V

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