Which of these professional or Life skills do you possess that makes you unique

Which of these professional or Life skills do you possess that makes you unique

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I strongly believe that each one of us has at least one of these qualities mentioned below that makes us unique in our own way.

People, i.e all of us are GIFTED. Some are gifted:

  • Genetically: As in with great genetics. They have good or even great health, wonderful immune system, they are active, healthy inspite of their routine or lifestyle. They can eat and or drink what they want and go and do what they want and generally have excellent health. They never had to work hard or exercise or be athletic to have good height, be thin, be healthy, fit etc. They are simply put, genetically gifted.
  • Socially: As in with great set of social skills. These are people who are quite popular and can make friends easily wherever they go. They can connect with people effortlessly irrespective of what kind of an environment they are in. Usually, they have a great support of family and friends all around them too who love, care for them always and in the form of a beautiful circle, that aura becomes a quality of such individuals. They are the likable kind.
  • Financially: As in born into families or circles of great wealth, money and or prosperity. They did not have to see the struggles of life at any point of time. ‘Things’ were always ‘available’ when they needed it. Money was never an issue. They have enough of it at all times, even when they themselves have probably never worked for it even for a single day, which is why it’s called, gifted.
  • Intellectually: As in things come easy to them in terms of learning, upgrading skills, understanding newer concepts, technologies, skill sets, languages and so on. The list is endless. They don’t seem to be ever struggling with learning anything new. It always comes just too easily to them.

Of course, there are many more qualities as the ones listed above, but these are some of the most basic skills necessary to survive and even qualities which enable us to accomplish things in life. Why because they cover the core aspects of life in terms of “health, wealth, intelligence, family and friends”.

We look around and we see our friends, peers, family, even strangers, make or break the news day in and day out.

Some succeed through life, some crash, some stay as it is, some evolve into a better version of themselves, few others end up becoming exemplary examples of greatness and motivation for those around.

But, I don’t believe in any of the above. Why?

Because more often than not, when most of the time someone is “categorized” into any of the above criteria, its based on our presumptions of what is important in our life. We hardly ever take into account the fact that may be that’s not what they are looking for. May be they are simply happy with the way their lives are.

Let me give you an example. I was at a social gathering recently wherein a group of known peers were discussing about someone else in the group. It seems, that said individual had just shut down his business and had joined an organization.

So many of the peers around were giving him all sorts of feedback on how or why he shouldn’t have quit his business. When they asked me to intervene, I said, “He knows what he wants better than anyone else, so I have no comments.” They found it surprising because apparently as an entrepreneur since almost seven years of a reputable company, they expected me to come up with persuasive reasons for why his decision was not correct.

One thing that business and entrepreneurship has taught me over the years is to “mind my own business”.

The fact of the matter is, in life, people will love you, hate you, adore you, dislike you, invite you, ignore you, diss you, respect you and none of it will in reality have anything to do with you. So at all times, keep your focus on!

Life on its own is unpredictable. People react to people (well at least most of them do), based on how they feel at that particular moment in life. And the sad part is, most of us take it personally and it affects business, personal relationships etc to a great extent.

Which is why it is all the more important today for us to focus on, which among the above mentioned QUALITIES do we posses. We need to understand that well and then work towards making it even better.

Professional and life success will then follow! 

Because when you do something you are already good at, you only become better at it.


Because, in life, it’s not the awards, accolades, peers wishing you success and your family or friends validation about you that makes you stand out. Rather it’s your innate quality that makes you truly unique.

So whatever you do, always be yourself!

The only thing we need to be in life is better than what we were fifteen minutes ago.

Have a wonderful week ahead.

Be Well

Ananth V

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