7 digital marketing guides to build a power brand

7 digital marketing guides to build a power brand

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“Data is the heart of a digital marketing campaign and content is the soul of a brand”

Digital is the way of life today. Why, because it empowers, both, brands and their users in real-time.

The importance of consumer research insights online, buying behaviours, brand experiences, reactions, responses, etc in the form of analytics helps multinational corporations and start-ups alike in understanding what type of message or communication or content will users be able to relate to the most and help them resolve their queries, add value to them and at the same time build a connect between the brand and it’s end users.

Here are seven guides that will enable you to build a power brand and most importantly, things you cannot afford to ignore irrespective of how big or small your organization is today:

1) Real-time response: Automate, create a first level conversation or response and then connect in real-time with Brand Monitoring.

If you exist as a Brand today, then there is already someone out there who is talking about You. Ensure to be a part of the conversation prism.

Brands today express concern that they are unable to create a distinct connect and conversation online with prospects and customers due to the multitude of conversations that occur in real-time.

The first step is that the brands need to engage an automated service that gives prospects and or customers a phone number or an email that they can immediately connect with. This could be sent to them using an automated tool (there are hundreds of them available for free or for as a premium service) that can drop a quick auto reply for queries which enable users to connect with them urgently may be on phone or email. Important thing to remember here is the fact that one cannot ignore to reach back to that user and to check with them if they got their query resolved. This would be the right way to handle massive queries online, i.e by way of automated tools at first for immediate response and by way of human connect in real-time through a sincere follow-up to see if their issues or queries have received a fair response.

Another important aspect here to keep in mind is the fact that, you need to ensure as a brand, your social media customer response team is directly in touch with the back-end team (eg. Email or phone requests) to ensure that the flow is smooth and truly empowers the brand online with prospects and customers as someone they can trust or to revert using digital marketing and or social media tools and processes.

On similar lines, it is core today to ensure that any brand mentions across websites, forums, blogs, social networking sites etc are tracked to the extent possible too.

2) Quick access to resources: The one thing that everyone will always have limited of is TIME.

Sometimes, users are not looking to go through the lengthy process of speaking to someone or send an email. Sometimes, all they need is access to certain resources which will help them understand the brand’s services and or how-to guides to make optimum use of their purchases or brand experiences.

So if you, as a brand or an organization have a process or service or product that might need any form of attention as mentioned above, you need to ensure that your automated responses for such users has links of either DIY (Do it yourself) blog posts, or real-time auto chat bots well programmed, small video clips of DIY scenarios, PDF files with screenshots for easy and best ways to use the said service or product etc which users can download or watch online and get their problems resolved on their own. Time is the essence and timely information decides the winning vote.

3) Journey begins backwards, not how it was done before: Earlier, brands use to offer what was available with them as the core service or premium products. But now, using the power of BigData which has access to literally terabytes of information or in case of comparatively smaller amounts of data via social media digital marketing analytics it becomes easier to understand what customers are looking for on your website / blog / social networking channel / app. Customers feedback can empower you to design a solution that they truly need.

Remember, “brand online” is no longer about how you look, its rather about how you make them feel. It’s truly about the experience and that too in real-time.

Be sincere and genuine when you connect with your users.


Social media is not about hits, likes, apps, website, tools or follows. It was, is and will always be about people. People buy from people they TRUST. Humanize Your Brand.

4) Private Conversations in real-time: Have you noticed how more and more social networking sites are working towards enabling private conversations with their customers and or prospects.

Let’s look at two simple scenarios: A brand caters to “Mental Health, Wellness, Depression”. In this case, one cannot expect prospects who are probably looking for solutions for their loved ones to have conversations with the brands or express their interest in such services on a public platform.

On Similar lines, investment banking or shares and equity investments, banking solutions in general etc are about monetary transactions and therefore are sensitive information in nature. So now, by enabling private one on one conversations with brands, users can get access and or connect with them in real-time too.

The focus is shifting from being a sales driven or number driven game to being empathetic towards users mindset. No wonder we can see more and more sites like facebook, twitter, blogs, forums giving an option to connect privately via chat or messaging in real-time with end users.

5) AI, AR, VR, BigData & more: The era of “AI, AR, VR, predictive analytics, humanized automation”:

The world has shrunk into a global village. Proximity, distance and time taken to reach a specific user, etc have become worries of the past. With new age media tools, technology processes, it’s becoming increasingly easy to design and deliver customized experiences at the users doorsteps or their devices.

For eg. some of Real Estate projects biggest concerns were how do users who are staying abroad and who would like to invest in projects across countries or continents gain a much more easier access to viewing the said sites. Walkthroughs, video clippings, high res images, live streaming etc are a feature of the past.

Now, it’s time to integrate Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) etc into the process so as to give the interested user an actual view and experience of the site projects. Using predictive analysis, users now get search results, offers, deals, product recommendations which are more suited to their interest and nature. Humanized automation are no longer restricted to custom messages. Let’s consider the example of educational institutions wherein online learning automates further skill upgradations, newer technologies, newer courses to learn for participants across the globe online based on the way they respond, learn and perform on their current curriculum or subjects. Did you know that AI with predictive analysis even enables users to a great extent now to learn subjects that they would excel in rather than merely based on what is offered online. The best aspect about these new age technology tools is that you can always learn digital marketing and social media if you have the right mindset and a sincere desire to upgrade your skills, know-how and grow in your organization or business.

6) ROI is more real than it ever was: Looking at a billboard ad, newspaper ad, magazine ad and predicting what could be the ROI is a good way to promote a campaign, even today. But, now with the advent of high end social analytics and consumer research insights online, the Return on Investment using digital marketing and social media platforms is more easy and targeted with quality results wherein high rates of actual sales conversions have paved the way in establishing digital as a power medium that cannot be ignored under any circumstances. Moreover, the best part is the fact that availability of these digital advertising or online marketing mediums is high across industries, countries irrespective of the size of the organization. Whatever may be the budget, there is a level of personalization of digital tools, strategies that goes with it to deliver specific results by implementing digital campaigns.

roi on digital marketing

7) Every click says something: That’s right. Behind every click, there is a consumer goal. Whether you are an ecommerce site or a post on facebook, every click, reaction and response says something about the experience users have had with that content. Value is irreplaceable, especially today.

So, having a clear understanding of data analytics, bigdata, social media analytics, digital marketing metrics etc gives a massive boost to help brands plan their content marketing calendar, pay per click digital campaigns etc across targeted users at the right time.

There is so much more that can be done by an organization today to not only ensure best customer experience but also result driven approach by blending the right set of new age media tools with an empathetic approach while engaging with users online.

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“Brands have a role much more responsible than ever before, i.e. to connect with the customer within.”

Do share your views, comments on this post and about some of the best social media customer experiences that you have had in the recent years. Would love to hear from you.

Be Well

Ananth V

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  1. The Internet has changed the way people interact with your brand. Today, people choose to share on Facebook their experiences, post on Instagram their feedback or comment directly to Amazon or BestBuy about your products or services. We should start monitoring today our business and adapt the communication. That’s why we created Oscilloskope: http://www.oscilloskope.com/ which gives you insights on what people are talking about your brand, product or services. Hopefully, some people will find these social listening tips useful 🙂

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