#55SecsOrLess To Read – Should you disable comments on your B2B blog

#55SecsOrLess To Read – Should you disable comments on your B2B blog

Someone recently shared this query with me: “I am managing a B2B blog. Should my company disable comments on the blog or would it advisable to leave them on?”

B2B blog comment moderation

Here are my views:

  • If you have the bandwidth to manage the blog, comment moderation, always advisable to encourage comments. It will boost your digital marketing blogging campaign success rate considerably in the long run. But ensure to moderate it sincerely without fail.
  • If you don’t have the time or resources, better to disable comments rather than not responding to them at all.
  • But, its a social world and the idea to empower someone to easily reach out to you. Which is why, B2B or any industry for that matter today, has Blogs.
  • When someone submits a comment, you could also try adding a line saying: “Comments will be moderated and will be made live within the next *** hours” and then approve it during that time frame.
  • You could incorporate SOCIAL NETWORKING SITE Login authentication tool / process which allows users to comment only if they sign-in with their social networking profiles. You can also allow only registered users to add comments. Or add a criteria that for a comment to be approved, at least *** number of comments should be approved by the moderator in the past 3 months etc using advanced blog settings.

Blogs are a power packed medium and channel to connect and engage in real time with end users.

So if you cannot afford to spend time or resources to manage the blog, give your blog readers a chat function or a simple quick form at the end of each blog that goes to your email where you can revert to them within a reasonable time. Also, it protects your sales funnel / enquiry privacy in case there is a competitor watching you closely too.


“If you exist as a brand, someone out there is already talking about you. So always ensure to be a part of the conversation prism.”

Be Well

Ananth V

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