#55SecsOrLess To Read Kill your Business with EGO, misplaced priorities and misinformation

#55SecsOrLess To Read – Kill your Business with EGO, misplaced priorities and misinformation

Here are three sure ways to kill your brand and business in this rapidly evolving competitive world of entrepreneurship and start-ups.

This post is part of the 55 Seconds Or Less To Read series.

Let go of that EGO

Let go of that EGO: Did you know that EGO has been among the top fives reasons across the globe and industries for losing a business opportunity. It helps nobody, it disrupts the working environment and the quality of output. In business, its core to ensure that you do not let your EGO get the better of you, especially when you know you are wrong. Eg. If you have gone back on your ideas, words, assurance, agreement, payment terms, expectations, strategic steps, business terms, sales process etc, you know you are to blame. But sometimes, we let EGO take such a pedestal that we coax it to feed our our false prestige. Ask yourself, is it really worth it?

Misplaced Priorities: Why did you start this business? What did you dream of? What did you assure yourself in terms of how you will conduct the business, treat your partners, tie-ups, third party agencies, customers, prospects and look at your priorities today. If you see a mismatch, then it is clearly time to mend your ways. Focus on prioritizing what are your goals and how you plan to accomplish them. At any given point of time, keep reminding how much efforts have gone into getting yourself where you are today!

Misinformation: Depending on the wrong people for what’s really impacting your business. For eg. you might be an exceptional sales professional, but creative might not be your forte. You might have someone in your company who is a finance expert, but they might not be sound technically. Ensure to hire the right professionals who know what they are talking about, listen to them and follow through. Remember, they are focusing to make things work for your business and the fact that you hired them is purely because they are better at something than you are, or why else hire them?

Don’t let these ridiculous aspects of your routine crush your dreams.

Work with passion.

Have an amazing day ahead.


Best Regards & BE WELL

Ananth V

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