Leadership with analytics, Digital marketing consultation at Bangalore and Hyderabad

Leadership with analytics, Digital marketing consultation at Bangalore and Hyderabad

Digital marketing Brand consultation by Ananth V with Analytics marker research big data consumer research insights for ROI
Digital marketing Brand consultation by Ananth V

Are you an organization that is focused on growth in terms of brand reach, actual revenue in terms of ROI, brand engagement? Well, then  it is core to understand the role of digital today.

Analytics from your organization’s end users, consumer behavior patterns online, browsing patterns, buying behaviors online etc give plenty of clues to brands and their decision makers who are keen and ready to listen.

When we launched Digital Marketing Consultation integrated with Big Data Analytics, social media metrics, etc to measure a brand’s current reach and plan it’s strategy focused towards it’s mission, vision and clear specific goals, we were positive that start-up’s who really wanted to pick up their pace would be welcoming these solutions. Why, because our analytics, metrics and statistics across sites and platforms told us that businesses were looking for something similar, with customization of course.

Recently during few brand consultation workshop programs that I was conducting in Bangalore and Hyderabad across three different organizations from Retail, Hotels and Corporate CRM solutions (technology products) industry, I was glad to share the strategies with the departmental heads of these businesses who could then successfully further customize the same as per their business requirements. 

The attendees were CEO, CMO, CDO, CTO, CIO, Directors across their organizations who understood the importance of not merely having a digital presence but knowing how to empower it for their business:

Digital marketing Brand consultation by Ananth V with Analytics marker research big data consumer research insights for ROI

These strategies mainly focused on:

  • Concern about consumer reach online
  • Buyer behavior online
  • Sales pitch to B2B online using digital
  • Creating a funnel for sales calls using digial tools effectively with quality leads
  • Delivering and monitoring responses effectively using digital tools, process and new age marketing techniques
  • Planning, designing and how to behind implementig a successful content marketing calendar
  • Designing and Monitoring Pay Per Click campaigns for the next three quarters – What will change and what needs to be constantly monitored for effective results
  • Brand monitoring
  • Creative content from USERS: As in focusing on ideas on what truly triggers consumers to design content to empower brands – User Generated Content
  • Case study based industry focused approach
  • Hands-on skill training and learning digital marketing based on customized industry based requirements

We started with Analytics and followed with Consumer research metrics online across their various platforms coupled with their core competitors online influence and impact.

This customized Digital Brand Consultation is not for everyone.

Why so?

It’s not a quick fix plan: It’s purely a program only for organizations who would like to focus on empowering their business leaders with the right set of digital skills that will help them design better solutions in the future.

As the biggest problem industry leaders today are facing is: There is so much data, so many new tools, where do I look for it, which application would make sense for my business or brand?

Focus is on influence across end users needs by humanizing the brand and using it to understand the thoughts, emotions and patterns of users online who are more than just customers, as in, they present tremendous learning potential for designing future custom solutions.

Also, during this workshop we dedicated few hours to:

  • Unlearn certain aspects and at the same time few useful ways to balance & integrate traditional marketing strategies with new age media tools.
  • Face the fear of learning something new with ease
  • Get hands-on training in the process to be ready for any new tool or site that comes up in the future. (BEING FUTURE READY)

Logic being, tools and sites will keep on changing, what will remain is the skill to embrace the learning process for any such changes in the digital evolution process. Enable them to be empowered with a skill to adapt to new age tools with focus towards business revenues and customer feedback.

Why is this Digital Brand consultation important for start-ups, key decision makers and departmental heads of businesses across industries today:

Our nature rarely changes. But, when we know when and how to be ready, how to adapt, where to look for flaws and how to arrive at solutions using the same digital tools which we fear from, not only do we outperform our skills but we find that the digital tools and strategies are a powerful way to align business goals too.

At the end of this digital brand consultation program:

You can execute on your ideas integrating analytics, metrics, ROI for your business goals, digital marketing strategies with confidence like a digital marketing professional  or an influential digital marketing leader does.

The core requirement to be a participant in such a program is that: You genuinely need to care about what you do for your organization because they are sincerely ready to invest in you with this Elite and hands-on employee development and learning program to empower their business and in the process boost your skills and learning.

Keep learning and keep growing.

In case you feel your organization and or it’s business leaders could benefit from such custom designed Digital Brand Consultation hands-on workshop programs with Case studies, Analytics and Strategies, feel free to reach me using this QUICK FORM LINK HERE.

Have a brilliantly refreshing, insightful and fun filled weekend ahead.


Best Regards & BE WELL

Ananth V

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