Celebrating Women of @NASA with @LegoIdeas

Celebrating Women of @NASA with @LegoIdeas

Women have been the driving force across industries and have clearly gone beyond the stars.

That’s right.

LegoIdeas Women of NASA
LegoIdeas Women of NASA

Throughout the history of the U.S. space program, NASA or the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, their contributions have been massively inspiring and significant.

Recently, LegoIdeas officially shared on their Blog post about celebrating five notable NASA pioneers and in the process encourage and help young ones and adults alike to learn about the history of women in STEM.

LegoIdeas Women of NASA

The five Women of NASA are:

  • Margaret Hamilton, computer scientist
  • Katherine Johnson, mathematician and space scientist
  • Sally Ride, astronaut, physicist, and educator
  • Nancy Grace Roman, astronomer
  • Mae Jemison, astronaut, physician, and entrepreneur

LegoIdeas Women of NASA
To check out the cool dedications to these amazing SUPERWOMEN in the field of SCIENCE, SPACE AND STEM – have a look:

Flickr — https://flic.kr/s/aHskxkW1UK
Twitter — https://twitter.com/LegoNASAWomen
Facebook — https://facebook.com/legonasawomen
Instagram — https://instagram.com/scitweeps
Twitter — https://twitter.com/LegoNASAWomen
Facebook — https://facebook.com/legonasawomen
Instagram — https://instagram.com/scitweeps/

Org Source:

LEGO Ideas Second 2016 Review Results:

This got me thinking.

We have so many action figures across some of my most favorite Graphic Novels, Comic Books, Superhero movies, but what if there were action figures dedicated to women across such truly inspiring fields of work, the women who really make it happen…. wouldn’t that be amazing.

Imagine, an action figure of Women in Olympics, other Sports, field of Science, Medicine, distinct achievements in the field of Finance, Research, Marketing, Women Entrepreneurs etc and that too across industries and countries…. wouldn’t that may be give a ray of hope for boosting young minds and inspiring them to go literally beyond their dreams.

Well, may be someday!

Till then, let’s cheer for this amazing idea with LEGOIDEAS and Women at NASA. Hats off and Kudos to keep inspiring.

Best Regards & BE WELL

Ananth V

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2 thoughts on “Celebrating Women of @NASA with @LegoIdeas

    1. Thanks Atul for your comments. Yes, I hope they do which is why I ended the post the way I did it, hope you read that too 🙂

      have a great day ahead.

      Be Well


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