Add value, educate and entertain to boost your digital marketing strategy

Add value, educate and entertain to boost your digital marketing strategy

Digital marketing has evolved over the years and has now matured into a fully measurable, result oriented focused strategy.

What value does your banner advertisement on the highway or road-side hoarding create today?

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When you put up an ad by spending lakhs or millions on a popular newspaper or a magazine, how much of that ad has actually been seen or how much of the ad really resonates in the minds of the reader today? Or more importantly, has it even been noticed by end users?

The statistics for the above advertisement methods are slowly losing value in the eyes of marketing professionals, key decision makers across top organizations across the globe and the well informed, educated and those board and trust members across divisions who focus on bringing value by way of advertisements to both, their business / brands and to their end customers / prospects one way or another. Why? Simply because in the case of the above scenarios of putting up a glossy ad in a magazine or a newspaper no longer has trustworthy real metrics within it. Its based on an assumption that “X” number of people buy our newspapers and magazines! Or much worse, “X” number of people walk or travel in that particular area which will give your ad so much visibility?

I as a responsible digital marketing professional today or an influencer in digital media today find it truly sad for brands and or organizations who are still “wasting” millions of their organizations money in fruitless activities which in the real sense of the term have no way to track the actual metrics!

I am not saying that you do not put up ads on your most busy street or your popular newspaper or magazine…. but think about it well before you pour in your investors hard earned money into something that is going to give you data, analytics, tracking based on a foundation of “assumption” of who’s seen your ads?

Let me give you an example: Today, governments across countries are taking initiatives for users safety while walking down the streets as more and more are getting into accidents due to their obsession with their smartphones as they do not even look at the streets while walking. During such times, if your idea is to increase brand visibility and reach using hoarding, pamphlets or print ads by spending millions…. I really do feel sorry for your lack of understanding and ability to boost your brands power packed reach online by integrating the three most valuable digital marketing strategies today: ADD VALUE, EDUCATE and ENTERTAIN.

And to further share actual insights, have a look at the insights below:

I recently conducted an ADVANCED Digital Marketing Training for 50 PGP participants of IIM INDORE with hands-on case study focused training.

During this training program, when I was covering analytics and metrics, I felt they needed to see real-time tracking and metrics for themselves. So we created a LIVE TRACKING for the hashtag #IIMDM. Analytics and social media metrics was covered on Day 2 of this advanced 3 day training program so on day 2 when this was tracked live, the following results, brand engagement, conversations, etc were seen in real time by the participants talking about marketing, management, analytics, metrics, digital marketing, social media, blogging, content marketing etc in real-time:


There were a total of 933 posts talking about the said BRAND MENTION / #IIMDM reaching in real-time across 2,31,122 users with 38,48,899 (that’s 38 Lacs or 3.848 MILLION) impressions during that one day across few hours of live real-time training.

learn digital marketing social media

This showcased to the wonderful professional participants that not only did they see how to track in real-time but also, understood hands-on about what digital can do today when designed, planned and implemented in a successful way across platforms with focused digital marketing campaign strategies.

Add Value: Today, using the right set of metrics, data, analytics from Big Data, Digital marketing and social media analytics across Google analytics, facebook insights, twitter analytics, instagram analytics etc you can empower and truly boost your digital marketing campaigns by creating content that will in every sense of the term add real value to your end users. This will not only help you in reaching out to the right set of targeted users but, creating such level of focused and targeted quality content today will help users to reach out to you directly too. Moreover, it helps in building engagement, trust and connect with the prospects and or existing customers further.

Analytics is not about merely looking at the data, but rather looking, tracking, consistently following up and measuring the said data that is relevant to your business and brand goals and interpreting it to create custom designed digital marketing campaign strategies focused with ROI in the real sense of the term.

Educate: Did you know that majority of the agencies of marketers today complain that their clients or customers ask for things that are irrelevant to a successful digital marketing campaign. Such marketers then blame the said customers for having goals that do not really matter. But, I strongly feel, that as a responsible, well informed, educated best digital marketing professional or as a most influencing digital marketing professional today, its our own duty to ensure and educate our prospects and clients of what goals and strategies do they need to focus on today. Its our duty and responsibility to not shift blames but to ensure that you keep updating and informing them in a simple way to educate them about what can really be achieved using the right focus and strategy using social media marketing and the right set of goals to deliver with the same. Today, the responsibility is ours to tell our clients, customers of what is missing and what needs to be made better to ensure they get the best of results for their time, money, resources and most importantly their trust invested in us.

Entertain: Now when I say entertain, I mean that in the most disciplined and focused way possible. Here, a combination of the above two points come into play. For eg. if you are a B2B organization which works across let’s say massive infrastructure projects that run into millions of dollars worth of business, in such a case scenario, your idea of creating entertaining content or messages would mean to reach out to decision makers across your prospect organizations by creating valuable content with numbers, data, metrics, error reports, success reports etc in a single downloadable format for them to easily go through, understand, even get help of ideas and or process with their own projects through your value-add initiatives may be in the process. On similar grounds, let’s say you are B2C organization that focuses on financial services for end users, here, entertaining would not mean to create a fancy app or a expensive video with celebrities to induce customer purchases, rather, create an interactive experience for your prospect or customers to further ease their decision making process to help them may be save better, have more returns in a way that appeals to their investing behaviors or future goals for that matter. 

Today, there is literally so much that we can do as digital marketers or social media professionals or digital brand consultants. The trick is to know when, what and to whom!

Do share your views, comments on this post with me here, would love to hear from you.

Have an amazing week ahead.

Best Regards & BE WELL

Ananth V

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