Alright, you are running a digital marketing campaign, but why

Alright you are running a digital marketing campaign, but why

Many times, we do things because the system requires it to be done, the market demands it, because there is frenzy and buzz about it all around and we too just feel like we are obligated somehow or we too need to be a part of the same.

During such times, we lose the purpose and or the WHY behind things.

Digital marketing ROI GOALS

The greatest lessons in management have taught us never to stop questioning. I am sure most of you have read my blog post on this topic and if not here is the link >>> In life, there are no silly questions, ask and you shall receive.

Well, the point is, when you do something for the “ONLY reason that everyone around seems to be doing it”, both the sanctity and the professional touch gets lost in the process to a great extent.

The same is true for digital marketing campaigns too.

It’s wonderful, great and fantastic that you and your organization have started a digital strategy or are implementing a digital marketing or social media campaign for your brand, business and or organization. But the focus for sure needs to be on the WHY behind it.

Is there a purpose? Do you have specific goals in mind?

Digital marketing ROI GOALS

What do I mean when I say specific GOALS?

Goals for eg. as an organizational head or a business head or a CEO or as one of the key decision makers in the company, you can say that your goals are to “Increase Sales”, “Increase footfalls into your physical store or restaurant or enquiries at your institution or your gift store, florist or pastry store, malls or cinema halls or website traffic, ecommerce sales focus to increase sales and reduce dropouts at the last minute…. so on and so forth.

But instead, since digital allows you to have clear and vivid measuring metrics, tracking tools, social media analytics, digital marketing analytics etc, your goals will work better and your success with digital marketing social media ROI will be much higher in case you are able to have very clear and specific goals.

Specific goals for digital marketing could be as follows: Increase website traffic by 45% this month using XYZ strategies, increase brand mentions and engagement by 55% this fortnight using digital strategies such as XYZ, increase actual sales conversions by 15% this quarter  using these specific strategies and this budget, increase footfalls at your restaurant by 45% this quarter using XYZ digital ideas and strategies for this amount of budget.

Digital marketing ROI GOALS

Unless we have such clear and very specific goals, we might end up focusing on issues that are not even existing in the real sense of the term. This reminds me of an old and popular management story that I had heard during my management studies.

I remember it as the BUS CONDUCTOR STORY:

A bus driver was making his usual stops wherein few people got on and few got off and things were going on as per routine. Then, at a stop next to the gate of a big GYM and fitness center, a really massive looking hulk of a guy got in. He was easily around Six feet three and was built like a professional wrestler. He looked vicious and as he entered the bus, he looked at the conductor of the bus and said out aloud, “No tickets for me” and he sat down at one of the window seats. Both the driver and the bus conductor were stunned but neither wanted to get into a fight with this monstrous looking individual. So they let it slide.

Now, unfortunately this happened over and over again the entire month. He would enter the bus, yell aloud, “I don’t need tickets” and sit down and neither the bus conductor nor the driver had the guts to say or do anything about it.

Finally, the conductor’s ego was so hurt and at the same time he felt so embarrassed that he was afraid, that he literally went and joined a gym nearby. He went, worked out for months, built up strength, mustered courage and after 4 months of this routine agony listening to the hulkster saying, “I don’t need tickets”,  he was finally fed up. Today was the day he was going to confront this monster of a guy. He was fit, he had taken strength training lessons for four months from a local gym which taught mud “desi” style wrestling etc and he felt, he was finally mentally ready too. He was as ready as he will ever be.

So they reached the stop and the massive looking guy said the same thing, but only today, the conductor stepped up front and yelled back at the top of his voice, “You are nobody special, everyone on my bus buys a ticket and you will too”. There was a sudden sense of calm that he felt once he said it and he was staring at the humongous guy awaiting his response. To which that hulkster responded, “No, I don’t need a ticket, I have a monthly bus pass!”

The simple moral of this story is that: First make sure that here is a problem before working and pouring your heart and soul to solve the same.

So at times when I meet someone or listen to someone talking in a group or see their comments on certain sites saying that digital marketing does not work or digital marketing has no ROI etc, whenever I can, I try connecting with them and asking them what happened with their campaigns, with whom were they working, what were the strategies like etc and more than 90% of the times, the response has told me that they had no reason or clear idea about why they wanted to do a digital marketing campaign in the first place. I would not blame them entirely as I feel, it is also an agency’s responsibility at times to try and find out the same by asking the clients the right questions and ensuring that these campaigns will add value to them and their customers. So when there was no purpose, there will be no ROI either!

On the other hand, a digital marketing campaign that is well planned, designed, executed, implemented, monitored and redesigned based on feedback is the right focus, process and reason for running the same. It is a systematic process, an art, a science with metrics, data, analytics, specific goals, right corporate communication, realistic ROI in terms of even taking care of aspects like how to budget for ROI digital marketing campaigns etc.

We have, as a digital agency over the years, designed and successfully delivered exceptional campaigns for our core client brand partners. You can download ROI focused case studies on digital marketing social media ROI across Countries and industries here and get back to us for queries, customized digital marketing roi campaigns or custom designed hands-on corporate training on digital marketing for your brand and business and we will be glad to plan, design and execute the same for you with a clear idea, goals and systematic process with reports and feedback from us.

You can use this Quick contact form link – click Here Now to Reach Us.

Have an amazing day ahead.

Be Well

Ananth V

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