#55SecsOrLess To Read 5 things that make you stand out as a Corporate Professional

#55SecsOrLess To Read: 5 things that make you stand out as a Corporate Professional

In today’s world, it is core to be able to make yourself stand out of the crowd, to be distinct, to be recognized for all the efforts you put in at work.

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Because, that is one of the major things which will empower you among your peers and in front of your superiors on ‘WHY are You so important? & Why should you be considered for that raise, responsibility, promotion instead of your peers / colleagues?’.

Here are five core aspects which you need to ensure are part of your professional & routine to help you stand out in the crowd today:

  1. Professional Courtesy: Have you asked for a proposal, a quote, a response from someone and committed on a professional front to revert. When you take your time out even simply to say “Thanks and Noted. Will revert” it shows your professionalism and sense of courtesy to your peers, colleagues and or those whom you have interacted with and the fact that you value “time”. Especially important if you are planning on doing continued business with them in the long run.
  2. Mutual Respect: Value others time. No last minute requests or cancellations or delays. Plan things in advance. If you find your plans are constantly getting delayed or cancelled at the last minute by someone whom you are depending on, its high time to let that person go & hire someone who will get things done on time. Valuing others time based commitments showcases mutual respect. Time is the most precious commodity. There is always a possibility that based on your request someone has cancelled another business proposal, so sticking to your professional requests & commitments showcases grit, determination & mutual respect.
  3. Professional VS Amateur: You thought hiring a professional was expensive, try hiring an amateur.
  4. Apologize: Have you made an error of judgement, or a decision which probably cost someone else time, money, resource? Accepting your mistakes is not a flaw or a weakness, rather it showcases your ability to take ownership for your decisions. It goes a long way.
  5. Prioritize time, work, life: Understanding the difference between price and value, cost vs skills, right now vs someday will ensure that your decisions on a professional front always stay impeccable. In your to-do lists, every single day, there can only be ONE PRIORITY & the moment it gets done, plan the next one & start working on it. Focus on one, commit, deliver & keep moving forward.

These aspects go a long way and help you build a reputation of being a “no-nonsense professional“. People will not only start taking you more seriously but also respect your way of work, ethics and professional approach.

Have an amazing start to the week ahead.

Be Well

Ananth V

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