#55SecsOrLess To Read 3 Ways Gamification can boost your digital marketing campaign

#55SecsOrLess To Read 3 Ways Gamification can boost your digital marketing campaign

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Gamification social media marketing

Gamification is the concept of applying game mechanics, game design techniques or integrating Big Data in a way that is relevant to your digital marketing metrics, ROI and goals.

This post is part of the 55 Seconds Or Less To Read series:

  1. Incentives: Gamification either by using an app or a website integration or a tool or simply put as a Digital Strategy gamification can help to add incentives for your end users to engage with your brand. Let’s say you are launching a new brand, product or services and you need focused and targeted users who will do justice to that industry / product / service that you are offering, then adding a gamification strategy will encourage them to engage with the brand or product or service, test it out, re-share with their friends, peers or colleagues and at the same time empower your brand with engagement in real-time.
  2. Feedback: The right process or tool of gamification can also help you get honest feedback about your brand’s and or products user experience. It allows users to have a sneak preview of what can be made available to them and at the end of the day, how much of it is in sync with what their needs or expectations really are from such services. For eg. if you have a website and want to test out its user experiences, rather than simply asking users to write your website’s REVIEW, you can encourage them to experience it and share feedback in real-time.
  3. Brand ambassadors online: The right digital marketing strategy and campaign integrated with gamification can create power packed brand ambassadors online for your business. It can help your brand to reach out to a massively large group of targeted users in merely hours by adding value, empowering content through User Generated Content (UGC) and of course, by enabling such experiences with the right set of motivation and or incentives for the targeted users online.

Gamification does exceptionally well when implemented the right way across industries like Education, Corporate Training, Hotels and Hospitality industry, Apps, Websites and ecommerce etc.

Have you tried using this process or tool or strategy for your business?

Have you as a customer or end user experienced gamification from any particular brand that you loved?

Do share it with me here, would love to hear from you.

Have an amazing day ahead.

Be Well

Ananth V

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