7 Digital Marketing Trends for success in 2018

7 Digital Marketing Trends for success in 2018

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1) Videos (live videos, webinars, simulcast & others): Video needs to be on the top of the list for your content marketing strategy for 2018.
Digital Marketing with the advent of rising internet speed, better devices, quick access to cheaper and affordable smartphones etc, the video content consumption will sky rocket in 2018.
2) Augmented Reality (AR): AR will be a game changer across B2B and B2C industries. It will redefine the way users and organizations share, engage, interact and consume information in real-time.
3) Analytics and PPC – Using Analytics and designing Pay Per Click ads (personalized ads) based on CONSUMERS / Buyer Persona, Buyer behaviour, Digital touchpoints, customer journey and experiences will be more crucial than ever before prior to designing, launching and implementing a digital marketing social media ROI campaign strategy. Understanding the WHY behind consumers decision making process will empower brands to win them over.
4) VALUE: This will be a Power ASSET for brands and digital marketers. Any brand or digital marketer or organization that can emphasize on creating and delivering REAL VALUE to end users will be the only ones that will truly survive, sustain and flourish in this digital world which is rapidly shrinking into one global village.
5) Real-time support: Customer experience is no longer about Reviews or testimonials or positive feedback. It will and needs to be about sharing information to and for the empowerment of end users about the brand, products and services with customers, prospects etc in real-time across all stages of PURCHASE:
Stage 1. Problem/need-recognition
Stage 2. Information search
Stage 3. Evaluation of alternatives
Stage 4. Purchase decision
Stage 5. Post-purchase behaviour
6) Machine Learning/ Big Data / AI / IoT / Chat Bots/ Skill Development & Training: All of these will be crucial towards creating a personalized customer experience and product consumption focused towards safety, ease of use and best product and brand experience. From an organizations point of view, these will be used to empower employee skill development and upgradation for Digital Transformation in the real sense of the term.
7) ROI: Focus towards ROI – from a Brands point of view, from customers point of view and of course, digital marketers point of view. The CMO will need to take on a larger role across divisions by assuming responsibility for Digital transformation, employee skill development, ROI metrics that are relevant and matter to the stakeholders, consumers and brands as a whole and of course, delivering results based on actual numbers with a digital strategy designed with clear focus on realistic timelines and budget.
Be Well
Ananth V 

2 thoughts on “7 Digital Marketing Trends for success in 2018

  1. Hi, great post! I really appreciate it. I checked all the trends. It is very useful. Digital marketing is a domain in which you can make an amazing career and grow your business.

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