Thursday Thoughts This is Grenvel, the Uber drive that was inspiring

“Thursday Thoughts”

Thursday Thoughts This is Grenvel, the Uber drive that was inspiring
UBER INDIA DRIVER Inspiring Grenvel
This is Grenvel, the guy who drove me in the Uber Honda Amaze that I took today.

I found his story exhilarating and inspiring to a good extent. Worth sharing it with all of you here too.

It was a long journey from one side of Mumbai to another and as I was gearing up for reading a book, he started a conversation about some event and about the most recent time he was driving this long distance.

I asked him what he was doing at that time, other than of course, driving and how he witnessed this said event?

He shared his life journey with me and with his permission, I thought of penning it down, because it was sanguine, filled with lot of hope and positivity.

He was born in a family with very humble beginnings.

He started working at the age of 11 and to make sure he learnt numbers and maths since tuition fees were tough to pay, he got a job at a store near Kurla Station selling / managing shoes where he learnt engaging customers, speaking and managing shops, selling and reselling, handling irate customers, learning numbers, counting, importance and value of money and so much more.

One thing lead to another and soon he was doing different odd jobs while trying to finish his graduation, which too he did with lots of efforts in that tough environment which made him into a stalwart.

Few years ago he lost his very near and dear one at one of TamilNadu’s Tusnami’s which lead him to travel and search for his loved one for a long time across places, cities and deep down to the nook and corner of Tamil Nadu, but alas, he couldn’t find them. He lost 6 members of his close family that time.

He did not let fate dampen his spirits and soon enough, he and his friends, (The 5 Star Group – Five friends) took up a job in a call centre (a Big MNC Brand- not naming the company) and from there to another company, again a BPO (again a Big Brand) which in all lasted for 6 years. It was very tough since he was not able to deliver or speak English very well, but he had an indomitable spirit which got him hired anyway. He not only learnt and performed well, but he outdid and outperformed his entire group and floor so much that his manager used to ask him to come down even when he was unwell just to make sure that his presence would lift the spirits of his team and team members up.

He went through a lot of struggles, he floundered, fought back and landed up finally as an Uber Driver.

His father was a caring and mild mannered human being and his mom, though tough, was a very strong believer of him getting back to his feet every time he faced any tough situation and making sure that he does not sit idly at home under any circumstances. She made sure he was back on track, on his feet and making himself and his family independent. He has a sibling brother too.

After his last job as a driver which lasted for about 2 years, he is now recently started driving Uber Honda Amaze car with the same spirit and smile on his face while sharing such amazing stories with his co-passengers.

It was refreshing and inspiring to meet someone who goes through so much hardships in life and still does not give up, neither their smile, nor their attitude.

Wonderful and glad to have met someone like Grenvel.

This is my 5th encounter in the past 1 month during Uber travel, as in, coming across someone who was driving Uber and meeting such people with such a positive spirit and an unequivocal story to share.

Most recent Uber driver story, before this one, was from an individual who is the brother of one of the most respected IAS officers, whose story was also amazing.

What do you think of such wonderful people and their attitude towards life?

Do share your comments with me here, would love to hear from all of you.

Have an amazing Thursday.

Be Well


Uber Uber

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