Autism awareness, running at Cause-a-thon in Mumbai

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Autism is not a choice. Acceptance is. 

Autism awareness, running at Cause-a-thon in Mumbai

The most amazing part about this running event is that, like it’s previous years, most of the responsibilities were handled (with supervision) by kids who have special needs and some who have Autism.

It was so awesome to receive the medals from these kids on completion of the 10Km run.

There were two types of runs, the 10 km run and the 1 km run / walk, starting from Bandra Taj Lands End, Mumbai.

I have been part of lots of running events, 21 Km marathons, social causes including the earlier Cause-a-thon events, so there was no chance I was going to miss this one.

But, this time, I wanted to make sure that I took my family at the event, not just to be a spectator, but also to be an active part of the running events.

My wife and I, did the 10Kms run and my parents did the 1km walk for the cause of raising awareness.

autism awareness run Ananth V
Revathi, Akhila, Ananth, Venkateswaran

Organised by Khushi Pediatric Therapy Centre, ‘Cause-a-thon’ is the annual event which seeks to raise awareness about autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Dr Reena Singh is the founder of Khushi as well as Cause-a-thon. Her spirit and zeal through the event were immense. She not only with her entire team did run an amazing event, but she was an unbelievably humble host to so many participants.

In fact, my parents kept mentioning the wonderful conversations they had with her through the event after they had completed their 1 km walk / run for the cause. 

autism awareness run

The event saw a superb participation. Right from people who knew about these events from the past to those who had heard it from their loved ones and wanted to ensure they too support the cause.

The 10-km run was flagged off by actor, VJ and author of the book From My Kitchen To Yours, Maria Goretti.

autism awareness run Maria Goretti

autism awareness run

Reena Singh Founder and CEO

The arrangements done through the run were simply fantastic. There were volunteers to help and assist across almost every nook and corner with water, pain relief spray for those who might have needed it etc. 

Kids with special needs, Senior Citizens supporting the cause, etc did the run, the walk and it was honestly inspiring. 

There were parents, friends of kids with special needs and those detected with Autism who were cheering up for these indomitable spirits who showed us that anything is possible with their will and amazing spirit. 

Ananth Akhila autism awareness run

At the end of the run, there were healthy food items and snacks for grabs which we all relished as we looked at the breathtaking view of Bandra -worli sea link and Bandra fort end area.

There were also items that were made by the kids of OAISchoolofAutism which you could purchase and we did buy a few items & they were wonderful.

autism awareness run OAISchoolofAutismautism awareness run OAISchoolofAutism

It’s a rare occasion that we get to see so many people coming together simply with an intent for creating awareness.

All in all, Causeathon by Khushi was a wonderful event, inspiring at every turn!

About Autism: Autism, or autism spectrum disorder, refers to a range of conditions characterized by challenges with social skills, repetitive behaviors, speech and nonverbal communication, as well as by unique strengths and differences. We now know that there is not one autism but many types, caused by different combinations of genetic and environmental influences. To know more >>>

About Khushi: They care for children with special needs and strive to bring about the best in your child through therapies, parent education and counseling.  To know more about them, visit >>>

About Causeathon: The run is for the cause of Autism- the ‘a’ in Cause-a-thon represents Autism. To know more, visit >>>


PICTURES Source: From KHUSHI website – Facebook Khushi – Twitter Khushi

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