This Thank You note mentions my management, leadership style focused on ethics and discipline

I received this beautiful hand-written note from a peer who was working with one of our earlier clients.

management leadership discipline ethics entrepreneur
This Hand-written Thank You note, made my day, boosted my entrepreneurial spirit, management & leadership style.
management leadership discipline ethics entrepreneur
He started his own venture in DUBAI & recently got their 1st Client after which I received this note.
To sum it up, it says, when he made his pitch & was explaining that he has worked in management consulting before & that he had tied up with a digital agency from India called Techdivine headed by Ananthanarayanan V, the client immediately said these words to him,
“Wow, we have worked with Ananth too & loved it. Ananth is so streamlined, strong on ethics, discipline and strategy. He is so picky of who he works with & that they should share strong ethics, mutual respect & discipline, so if you have worked with him on 4 projects, then please, by all means, welcome aboard”.
best digital marketing agency corporate training social media Ananth V influential leaders
For me, the people I work with as clients matters a lot than the brand names behind it. At the end of the day, people work with & for people.
Do share your views on importance of ethics, value & discipline in todays world as an entrepreneur, would love to hear your thoughts.
Be Well 
Ananth V

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