Awarding employees with least overtime, high productivity, efficiency: Employer Branding

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Focusing on lesser working hours, more productivity & efficiency:

I met this wonderful client for whom we are delivering EmployerBranding services.

She manages a super-team of 550+ professionals. Her company has a policy of awarding ‘employees who deliver tasks with precision on or before time & leave the office on-time‘.

I met many of her team members & they said wonderful things about the organization’s Work Culture.

Her thoughts on this were:

– As a manager, I should be aware of what tasks & timeframe/timeline is needed for my team to deliver

– The team is never overburdened, but we ensure to give tasks that allow them to be pushed more than their usual capacity Skill Mapping & they are constantly challenged to perform better

– If there is a frequent need felt for more work hours for tasks completion, it means we need to expand our infrastructure & resources & not just keep burdening existing staff –

They are happier now that they know if they do their job well & on time, they can spend more time with their loved ones

– Making people stay beyond their work time shatters the morale of employees & stunts their passion.

I loved it! Wow! 

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What are your thoughts on this, do share your views and comments with me here.

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2 thoughts on “Awarding employees with least overtime, high productivity, efficiency: Employer Branding

  1. Hello Sir,
    This is super awesome.
    Understanding that there are people who practice this.
    The trend is changing. People look at employees and not see robots anymore.

    All this has happened partially because these days because of digital everybody’s voice is heard and this can also affect the brand image.

    Hope the positivity keeps growing.

    Hope you have a great weekend and festival.

    Happy Holidays!

    Vidhi V

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