This hand-written letter from one of my mentee, made my day

17+ years of work exp & I have mentored 7 mentees in the past 4 yrs (5 MBA working professionals & 2 from diverse backgrounds).

Of the 7, 4 ended up becoming entrepreneurs. 3 of them started digital agencies which is exactly my line of work. During such times, doubts & questions about taking up such projects which might end up with me directly contributing to my competitors success inadvertently does crop up in my mind. But letters like the one attached, makes it worthwhile!

Gist of the letter “Dear Ananth, having trained under you directly as a mentee, I started a digital agency & in 3 years successfully worked on amazing projects with wonderful brands but throughout thinking about the fact that I learnt from you & even used many of your strategies against you as a direct competitor, but you gracefully guided me without hesitation. I tried mentoring under someone else too few months ago whose training made me realize how immensely selfless & brilliant experience it was to have an opportunity to learn & get YOU as a mentor. THANK YOU. Forever grateful for my success to you. Your mentee for life!”

Greatest happiness for a mentor / teacher is knowing your student uses your know-how & achieves greater success!”

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