#55SecsOrLess to read Digital strategy and business success

#55SecsOrLess to read: Digital strategy needs to focus on the overall business strategy and not just tools or websites

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Create a fundamental strategy shift: It starts within the organization, stakeholders, employees & then the consumers.
Create a seamless customer engagement, interaction, journey & touch point mapping to understand how your prospective buyers travel to reach & or communicate with you & the actual touch-point wherein the brand connects with them.
Create a clearly defined value chain: BOOK Quote: The Future of Competition – Co-creating unique value with customers: C. K. PRAHALAD & VENKAT RAMASWAMY: “In the traditional approach, the notion of quality is based on what the firm has to offer. In co-creation, it is about consumers co-constructing their own experiences”
For example, instead of a business simply focusing on selling their products with the message that it is far superior or cheaper etc, they could co-create value based experiences for their end users thereby increasing trust, engagement, dependability, credibility which result in ROI.
Change or cease existing: Digital transformation, planning it phase-wise, understanding how it will affect production, profits, communicating to shareholders & getting a new world of consumers.

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Digital strategy needs to focus on the overall business strategy and not just tools or websites

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