I met the man who asked me, ‘where do you see yourself 10 years from now?’

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I met the man who asked me, ‘where do you see yourself 10 years from now?’

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Back then, I had about 7 years of work experience & was being interviewed. I responded, “heading marketing, building a brand, adding value to my organization & to it’s customers”.

He laughed at me & mockingly said, “Oh, why? Don’t you see yourself climbing Mt.Everest. I don’t wan’t disillusioned people in my company, you can leave”. That interview lasted two minutes.

I wasn’t irritated that he couldn’t believe in me, because he didn’t know me & I never expected him to be able to vision what I was always able to see, but what hurt me at that point was that a Sr.HR head of a wonderful organization having such disdain & disrespect during an interview.

He met me yesterday in a meeting in my office (he had no clue or memory of the said event) & said to me, “your work, articles & videos on integrating marketing, management & tech are brilliant & shows foresight. As a professional I have always encouraged & even groomed my team to dream the impossible. You see, I am a visionary myself!” & then I stopped him, narrated the incident, signed the contract with his boss who was smiling sitting beside him & I said, “you wouldn’t believe what I have planned for next 10 years. Please, have your coffee!” 

Whatever it is in your life, never give up on your dreams.

In the long run, hard work beats luck every single time.

Have a resourceful week ahead.

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