How-to use content strategy for digital marketing success: 9 tips

SEO content marketing digital strategy

Content strategy is core today whether you are a brand, business, individual or an organization.

Different users use platforms as per their comfort, convenience and connect.

Which means, it’s no longer “enough” for brands to push content.

Rather, as a responsible digital marketer, they need to ensure they are adding value by creating useful content for end readers / users across platforms based on who’s online, when and what are they looking for etc.

Here are few content strategies that have worked wonders for us as digital marketing strategy for our client brand partners across countries and industries:

1) When: It is very important to understand when your users are online. Different platforms, mediums and channels used by brands today, have users engaging with the brand at different points of time. So understanding the optimum time for your brand gets you an additional boost for the content created.

2) Overuse or underuse: Overuse of hashtags, underuse of “Call To Action” is a strict No. Understand as a brand which platform are you creating content for. For eg. to some and a great extent, it is okay to use larger number of hashtags on your Instagram posts, but the same on your twitter profile or your Facebook posts would not serve the purpose. So have a clear understanding of what is a fine line while creating content. Ensure that, even if the message of your content is the same, the presentation style varies depending on the platform that you are in while sharing the content.

3) Type of content: Not necessary that the same type of content or format will work for you across platforms. In other words, you need to monitor whether posts with links, texts, images, videos etc and if so, which platform generates more engagement, ROI, results by using which type or format of content. At times you might even have a subset of users who are common to you across different platforms but might want to engage with you differently on twitter and very differently on youtube.

4) Analytics: Numbers don’t lie. That’s correct. Analytics across platforms tell you the real story of whether, what, where and when. Remember, analytics is not about looking at data, rather interpreting it. Focus on analytics while planning your content marketing strategy.

Analytics SEO content marketing digital strategy
5) Pay Per Click: Organic boost of content is awesome! But at times, you need to invest in your brand and business to ensure the content reaches across a much larger and targeted audience too. Using google Adwords, Facebook ads, native advertising, programmatic ads, etc from time to time for your posts / content is a great way to reach out to users.

6) Content marketing calendar: Having clearly defined plan is never a bad idea. With this, make sure you have room for creative spill, as in, at times there are posts or topics that are trending or extremely popular and if you feel there is a brand connect for your business about that topic, ensure to integrate with your content marketing calendar. So always have room for improvements, edits and flexibility with your content strategy.

7) Ask: If you don’t ask, the answer is always no. Not necessary that all your posts generate great engagement or ROI. But that doesn’t mean you stop asking for comments, views, suggestions, saying thank you, expressing gratitude from time to time and opinions from end users. Invite your users to share their comments on your posts and you might have a wonderful new perspective on things. It also shows that you have gratitude, respect and truly appreciate them giving you their time.

8) Easy to consume: Fancy words, jargons, sophisticated way of writing, well, unless you are promoting a brand that is focused on “English Literature” as its main product or service, keep your content language and style easy for the end users to read and consume. Your focus as a digital marketer shouldn’t be to impress, rather to add value at all times.

9) Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Organic and paid SEO today are crucial aspects of your digital marketing social media content strategy. Invest in good SEO, which means, fresh content, original posts, optimised images, responsive sites, easy to use apps, easy to navigate Ecommerce platforms, engaging and relevant topics, easy to consume content formats, focused paid ads to reach targeted users at the right place at the right time to power boost your content strategy efforts. Also, it is very important that your search results are focused on voice search options and optimised accordingly too.

There is so much more you can do as a brand when it comes to content marketing strategy, but thought of sharing these ideas to assist you in getting started.

Feel free to share your queries and views with me here.
Have a resourceful day ahead.

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