UNO Braille from Mattel

UNO® Braille Deck National Federation of the Blind Mattel


UNO Braille!

That’s right, UNO, the game that holds the title as the number one games property in the United States has released the first official UNO card deck featuring braille.

Few quick details about UNO BRAILLE:

  • It has been designed in partnership with the National Federation of the Blind.
  • There are 7 million blind and low-vision Americans in the U.S for who this game will be a great new way to experience this widely popular game.
  • UNO Braille features braille on the corner of each playing card to indicate the card’s color and number or action
  • UNO Braille packaging features braille on the front and back for clear identification. It directs players to where they can find play instructions featuring .BRF (braille readable files) for download.
  • Players can also access voice-enabled instructions through Amazon Alexa and Google Home

For complete details: Img and News Src Mattel UNO BRAILLE


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