At Google Mumbai, Google Partner event, Corporate Training Digital Marketing and other NEWS

Top news updates from our digital agency this week:

A) Speaker

B) Corporate Training

C) Event participation

D) Trending in Digital Marketing Training as a career

A) New Milestones in Speaker sessions and Corporate Training programs:


Digital Marketing Speaker / Digital Strategy ROI speaker / Leadership management / Lifestyle Luxury & Retail Management – Retail Sessions:

25,000+ audiences, 60+ events

leadership management coaching program Ananth V

B) Training

Corporate Training and Visiting faculty programs, workshops:

3 Day Advanced Training hands-on case study based IIM INDORE 50 PGP Participants Digital Marketing by Ananth V

10,000+ participants trained On:

  • Digital marketing social media ROI for business
  • e-Retail and e-Commerce
  • Retail, Lifestyle and Luxury Management
  • Leadership management
  • Entrepreneurship, pricing strategies and growth hacking

(56% of the participants have been C-suite and Sr. Management Professionals)

C) Event participation: Google Mumbai

At Google Mumbai for the Google Partner Event

google mumbai partner event Ananth digital marketer speaker corporate trainer CMO

D) Trending in digital marketing as a career:

Everything you wanted to know about digital marketing

The answers to the queries below have been answered on our digital agency website – CLICK HERE for answers to the questions below


Did You know? 

Techdivine stands for Technology – Development – Innovation

Techdivine Creative Services Digital agency
Techdivine Creative Services

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