7 Digital marketing strategies for 2020

It is the year of consumer engagement focused on ROI by organisations. There are no two ways about it.

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So, as a digital marketer, today, it’s crucial to integrate the following seven steps as part of your digital strategy:

  1. Add value: Content simply cannot focus on just being visually appealing. Ensure that your end readers get real value from it. Let me give you an example, let’s say, you are a fashion retail lifestyle clothing brand. Your social media post talks about the latest fashion summer trends or winter wear. Ensure that in addition to showcasing your new products, styles, also add a few tips along the way of what could they accessorise that new style with. Or even, “why is it in style this season?”. Consumers are very well researched and are looking to not just BUY from you, but to connect in a deeper sense of the term. Ensure that your content and social media posts deliver just that. Adding real value through your content and posts, goes a long way as a brand or an organization.
  2. Omnichannel marketing: It’s not enough if you are on the popular social networking platforms. As a brand today, you need to ensure that your digital marketing strategies pave the way to bridge the gap between the offline and online world. Brands that are able to blur the line of engaging across platforms to connect and purchase from them will be the clear winners in the digital marketing strategy plan. This will not only allow them to deliver real ROI, but also show the end customers or users or prospects that the brand cares about them enough to give them easier ways to engage and or enquire or purchase from them. At the end of the day, it’s crucial for you as a brand, organization and a digital marketer to figure out whether integrating your marketing strategies with AR, VR, IoT, BigData, programmatic advertising, interactive videos, live streaming help guides, etc is essential and if so, what level of value and ROI can those deliver for your marketing goals. And most importantly, how valuable will these be in the customer journey mapping process and digital touch-points for the end users today.
  3. Different platforms need different strategies: The type of content that would work in a blog post will be very different from what messaging style, format etc will work on a site like Instagram for example. Ensure that as responsible and successful digital marketers today, you are clearly able to design and implement content in a way that suits and speaks the same language as the platform and its users. Where there is information, research, links needed, add them, where there are clear call to action messages required, put the message across clearly for sure.
  4. Content marketing strategy with consistency as the key: Consistency is the key as with any profession. If you want to ensure that you are recognised as the best digital marketing professional or the most influential digital marketing leader in your industry, make sure you are consistently delivering quality content across platforms from time to time. It not only allows you to showcase your expertise, but also tells the end readers that you care enough to create content for others learning too in your field of work. The more you read, the more you write the more you learn and the better digital marketing services you can deliver.
  5. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM): These two have very different strategies to make them work well, even though their end goal might be the same, that is to bring users to the website or a specific landing page when they are searching or exploring for specific keywords or key phrases and not just directly looking for your brand or organization. Invest in good SEO and SEM techniques this year. Creating good quality and relevant content is the key. At the same time, invest in pay per click ads like Google Adwords etc too from time to time for search based ads, placement focused ads based on user demographics, affinity, browsing habits etc. with a clear intent to reach out to the right users or targeted users to help them resolve their pain areas. Your landing page at the end should help them solve their problem which might be a product they are looking for or service they are expecting or simply put, information that can help them decide further on their customer journey experience.
  6. Gamification, social media contests, influencer marketing: IN REAL-TIME: These are not just technical jargons or fancy sounding words but digital marketing strategies that when planned, designed, implemented and monitored well, can deliver wonderfully successful ROI based results for your digital marketing campaigns. Ensure you understand what each of these can do, connect with the right tools, users and create the content that speaks volumes of your brand and most importantly delivers exceptional real-time engagement for end users. The greatest advertisement or endorsement for you as a brand or even a digital marketer is the fact that the consumers give positive brand feedback about your organisation every time they discuss your industry’s products and or services.
  7. Learning continuously: Let’s be very honest. No one individual can really claim to be an expert in today’s digital world wherein the learning is continuous and needs to be fast enough to keep up with the changing technology trends. Which brings us to the most important aspect of all, that, digital marketing and social media is not about tools, website and apps. It was, is and will always be about people. Focus on creating great conversations, adding value and delivering quality products and services. That is the real key to your success as a business, brand and or an organisation today. Updating yourself with what’s new in “customer behaviour” and understanding concepts of marketing, branding, advertising, digital as a channel, buyer persona etc will enable you with the right set of digital skills training to deliver the best every single time.

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What digital marketing strategies do you feel will dominate 2020?

Feel free to share your comments and views with me here. 

Wishing you all a blessed new year filled with happiness, health and wealth.

Happy New Year to all of you and a warm welcome to 2020.

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