Support to small businesses & start-ups for FREE from my end during these unprecedented times

Support to small businesses & start-ups for FREE from my end to the extent I can during this week (23rd March to 30th March 2020) from my digital agency’s various social media platforms as tweets & posts on facebook (not through online ads)

I am even open to suggesting ideas & strategies for better marketing & advertising reach

We as a digital agency Techdivine Creative Services have a good reach globally across our various social media platforms & though we are not some multi-billion dollar conglomerate or a global organization, I wanted to do what I can to help small businesses to get a better reach online in these tough times as a free value-add service by sharing their website links, acting as a additional support online for a slightly wider reach may be & in some way help them even with some strategic advice on marketing digital marketing ideas during this above mentioned week during these unprecedented times

This is just a small gesture from team Techdivine to show our support

Please note, we might not be able to respond to all & final discretion to choose which business we will support will be our decision (not debatable)

Our apologies in advance to those who we might not be able to reach out or help

You can message me or DM or Inbox using any of these links to connect with me for further discussion: FacebookTwitterLinkedIn

The original post appeared here on LinkedIn:



Ananthanarayanan V

Founder and CEO: Techdivine Creative Services

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