Free online live video session of 30 minutes on 2nd April 2020

Free online live video session of 30 minutes on 2nd April 2020 on any one of the following topics will be offered by me for a group of (minimum 4 and maximum  8 participants) at a time

Original Post appeared here on LinkedIn

Those interested can reach out to me via Inbox messaging and I will share more details about this free guides and helpful tips session

Any 1 of the following topic will be discussed (based on majority of the participants interests)

Public Speaking tips, guides and helpful suggestions

– Digital Marketing Strategy ideas

– What makes a good marketing strategy plan


Why are we offering another additional free service?

Amidst all this chaos, we at Techdivine Creative Services as a digital agency had offered our free services to startups for a limited time last week and we received overwhelming responses to the extent that finally we had to stop accepting new requests. My past few days were spent helping these small businesses with ideas and strategies in marketing, digital marketing, social media including few ways to optimize their current ongoing ads online that they were running which they shared with me has already seen better ROI than before

So, I thought I might try to squeeze in one more free session for those really in need of such professional guidance & add value any way

Feel free to connect with me here online FacebookTwitterLinkedIn


Ananthanarayanan V

Founder and CEO: Techdivine Creative Services

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