Never give up

Got a sweet email that made my day amidst all the chaos

A start-up entrepreneur I had mentored almost 2 years ago, wrote to me today saying, “Thanks Ananth, even in between these tough times, I am learning to adapt, grow & be strong everyday. It’s not just management & marketing lessons you taught me, but, resilience, perseverance & getting back up. Thanks, stay safe”

Simple Life & Management lessons:

– If you want to do something inspiring, never wait for anyone’s approval

– There will always be people who will say “It can’t be done, it’s not worth it”. They are probably right. As in, it might not be ‘worth it’ for them. But you are not ‘them’. May be what you need is really out there

– Those who can’t do, will always tell you it can’t be done. If history has taught us anything, it is that, “It is impossible only till someone makes it happen.”

– There will always be people surrounding you. It’s not necessary that they are here to cheer you. So sometimes it helps to be “DEAF” to things & ignore them

More often than not, people give up finally because they were beaten up by the negative comments around them

Surround yourself with people who have the same vision & dream as yours

Stay safe, stay home

Take care of yourself & your family

In the long run, hard work beats luck


Be Well

Ananth V

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