Here is how you can avoid failures: Do nothing

I was asked, “What is the reason for your success rate across countries? Can you share tips to avoid failures?”
I replied, “The only way we can avoid failure is by doing nothing. I made sure I learnt from my failures every time”
speaker leadership management entrepreneur ananth
Firstly, never try to copy others dreams or just go by fancy pictures or videos people post online
Don’t pursue a field because of the success you see someone enjoying
Reason being, we don’t really know the sacrifices they made to get there
Focus on things that you are passionate about. Make sure you care for your family, community. Success focused only on ourselves never lasts
Find out who has achieved a lot, how they got there & most importantly, how they faced & overcame their failures
Digital today enables us to reach out to people, brands across countries. Technology has enabled us to connect with people & the world has literally shrunk into a global village
I can share many examples of facing failures, but the best one that comes to mind is Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam’s story of how his boss took responsibility when they failed & finally when they succeeded, put the entire spotlight on them to enjoy. These qualities make you a leader
Focus on ways you can add value & inspire others
Most importantly, never shy from failures
Do you agree?

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