Life lessons from failures

We always end up seeing success stories, but rarely do we know the moments that taught us lessons in failure
I remember my very first batch of corporate training that I had organised 4 years ago.
I got 34 registered participants, but only 2 finally showed up.
I had arranged everything, venue, Internet, food, infrastructure & it would have gone waste, but lucky for me, I dealt with that moment of failure very differently I smiled & thanked the two people who came & conducted the entire session with same zeal as I would have for 34 participants.
It has been 4 years since then.
As of date, I have trained 10,000+ participants across the globe for some of the top corporate, Fortune 500 companies & elite academic institutions & have had the privilege to earn credentials as one of the best corporate trainers globally from some of the brightest minds & industry leaders. Corporate Training Link
Now here is another moment, when my client surprised me with my picture at the back of private buses 140 participants attended my 2 day  digital marketing corporate training event from cities across Gujarat.

I was in the car heading from the airport to the venue when they suddenly asked me to look outside the car window & yes, it was a sweet surprise
Life has a way of balancing itself!

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